Bill Barr’s Prepared Remarks


Attorney General William Barr’s opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee was released late Tuesday, prior to his testimony Wednesday.

Attorney General Bill Barr, in his prepared statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee, defends his handling of the Mueller report and his decision — along with that of retiring Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein — to clear President Donald Trump of criminal obstruction of justice charges.

In the last paragraph of his statement, he explains the responsibility of the Department of Justice, and he is quite right about it.

The responsibility of the Department of Justice, when it comes to law enforcement, is to determine whether crimes have been committed and to prosecute those crimes under the principles of federal prosecution. With the completion of the Special Counsel’s investigation and the resulting prosecutorial decisions, the Department’s work on this matter is at its end aside from completing the cases that have been referred to other offices. From here on, the exercise of responding and reacting to the report is a matter for the American people and the political process. As I am sure you agree, it is vitally important for the Department of Justice to stand apart from the political process and not to become an adjunct of it.

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