Bill Clinton Lauds Failed Economic Policy & Israeli-Hater Mohammed Morsi All in One Week


Are the democrats really going to spin Obama’s failed economic policy as a success? Apparently so! Appearing on CBS’ Face the Nation on Sunday, Bill Clinton said, we can’t believe the economy “could have been fully healed in four years. I don’t know a single serious economist who believes that as much damage as we had, could have been healed.” 

I didn’t know that we were asking to be completely healed. Some healing would have been nice.

  • Does Bill know anyone who could have gotten the unemployment under 8% a year,
  • or gas under $4 a gallon,
  • or increased the deficit by less than $1 trillion plus each year.
  • Does he know anyone who could lead on the economy in a way that would not force Bernanke to buy 2/3rds of our own debt with funny money because others won’t. He went with QE3 to keep our economy from collapsing!
  • Does Clinton really believe that the net creation of 121,000 jobs in four years is a good thing and shows the consistent growth that is putting us on a path to recovery as he said?

If he believes what he said, he needs to talk with some new economists, certainly not avowed socialists like Paul Krugman.

He now insists that Obama’s plan is better than Romney’s because it will be so much more effective. Talk about putting lipstick on a pig.

Bill Clinton also thinks it appropriate to welcome Brotherhood kingpin, Egyptian President Morsi to his meeting in the U.S. to discuss global initiatives.

Bill Clinton is not only welcoming him, he is giving Morsi a place of honor, at his eighth annual meeting of Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative.

Morsi is a Theocrat who made no serious attempt to stop the attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Cairo. He didn’t say a word until long after the attack began and when he did speak, he did not condemn the breach, he condemned the film.

Morsi finally and weakly called the actions “regrettable” but his focus was on the film, giving one the feeling that he encouraged or at least supported the attack on our Embassy in Cairo:

“The presidency condemns in the strongest terms the attempt of a group to insult the place of the Messenger, the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and condemns the people who have produced this radical work,” the president said in a statement posted on his Facebook page. “The Egyptian people, both Muslims and Christians, refuse such insults on sanctities.”

On Thursday, two days after the attack, Morsi at last condemned the attacks but he also condemned our free speech.

Morsi put out arrest warrants on 8 U.S. citizens, at least two of whom were merely exercising free speech rights, moronic as their ideas are. Morsi wants the U.S. to alter the first amendment to not allow insults to his religion. He wants Sharia’h law enacted in the U.S.

Morsi was quoted as saying, by Egypt’s Mena news agency, that the film on the Prophet is blasphemous and the Prophet ‘is a red line for all Muslims and we refuse any attack’, said the president.

No redlines for nuclear bombs by the maniacal Iran, but definitely for our free speech.

Morsi has called Israel “vampires” and “Draculas.”

This is the man being welcomed by Bill Clinton. So much for Clinton’s judgment.

He will do anything to set the stage for Hillary to be president in 2016. He wants it so much, he will say and do anything.

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