Bill Clinton Victim Calls Out “Sorry Scumbag” Geraldo Rivera


Last week on Fox News, Geraldo Rivera was hawking his new book and he mentioned the Bill Clinton “bimbo eruptions”, explaining that he thinks that’s the name Hillary gave the women accusing Bill Clinton of sexual misconduct. Then he went on to compare Stormy Daniels and Trump’s predicament with Bill Clinton’s “affairs”.

In other words, he conflated the accusations against Clinton which were assaults that took place while he was President and at other times with the women who offered up their bodies to Trump more than a decade ago.

That caused Juanita Broaddrick to react on Twitter since she says she was raped by Bill Clinton. She is one of three women who made that claim and one of many more who accused Bill of lesser assaults.


“You are a sorry scumbag @GeraldoRivera,” she wrote in a biting tweet Friday afternoon after Rivera posted a tweet that conflated Clinton’s history of sexual abuse with Trump’s alleged affairs. “How dare you refer to my Horrific Rape by Bill Clinton as an affair.”

“Hearing your name makes me ‘Throw up in my mouth’. REMEMBER?? THAT’S WHAT YOU SAID WHEN MY NAME WAS BROUGHT UP IN 2016 on Fox News,” she added.

Rivera very inappropriately tweeted about the former president’s “affairs w Paula Jones and others.” Clinton did not have an affair with Jones and as for those “others,” they included Broaddrick.

Bill Clinton assaulted Paula Jones, had to admit he lied about it, and then he had to pay her off.

Broaddrick tweeted again about Geraldo, accusing him of drugging and groping Hollywood actress Bette Midler, which Midler discussed during an interview in 1991 with Barbara Walters:

Geraldo did apologize to Bette Midler after the interview.

Another Bill Clinton accuser, Leslie Milwee tweeted and that was retweeted by Juanita Broaddrick.

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