Bill de Blasio and the Cop Killer Video


What does a cop killer video and Bill de Blasio have in common?

What they have in common is Bill de Blasio’s hand-picked Chairman of the NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board – Richard Emery – who also owns a civil rights law firm. Emery is tied to a group named Bronx Defender that appears in a vile cop-killer video.

The Bronx Defender connection to Emery is two-fold.

Emery is credited by the leftist group, Bronx Defenders, as making the work they do possible. Additionally, Emery’s law partner – Earl Ward – is Bronx Defenders’ Board Chairman.

The connection is close and Bronx Defenders is very much a part of the cop-killer video.

Bronx Defenders, which received at least $1.5 million in tax dollars from the Obama administration, appear briefly in the cop-killer rap video which came out two weeks before Ismaaiyl Brinsley killed Officers Ramos and Liu.

Emery now says Bronx Defenders were duped into appearing in the video.

Bronx Defenders has finally spoken to Daily Signal, after first behaving rudely and dismissively. They said they didn’t fund the video or sponsor it. Sounds like a play on words because they did appear in it.

The video is disgusting. It purports to depict true events with distorted statistics and shows beatings and fake executions by cops, innocent black youth being arrested and violent brutal cops.

In the screenshot from the rap video below, a white officer has guns trained on him by two black youth.

cop killer rap video

In one scene, a grieving mother walks into the Bronx Defenders’ taxpayer-funded office. Once there, a Bronx Defenders lawyer comforts her over the apparent faux loss of her son at the hands of police. At the end of the video, a banner advertisement for the Bronx Defenders is shown, along with the group’s website and Twitter account.


The rappers also have this whole commie-fist-logo thing going on – they too want a revolution:

commie fist logo

Words include this paragraph: For Mike Brown and Sean Bell, a cop got to get killed, ’cause I’m black, police think they got the right to shoot me, No jail time, their punishment is desk duty… By any means necessary let’s make them respect us

The video is available on youtube but we won’t link to it on this website.

Links between de Blasio and people like Emery are inevitable. It’s only the tip of the iceberg. He chooses the most far-left radical people he can find for every available opening.

Before becoming mayor, de Blasio, aka Warren Wilhelm Jr. or Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm, was a public advocate which is another way of saying he was a community organizer or in his case, a community disorganizer. De Blasio is a revolutionary and a trouble maker with a very poor background for the position he now fills.

There is something very wrong with the way we are handing out tax dollars when they can go to the wing nuts of the party in power instead of neutral charitable organizations. One look at Bronx Defenders website and you know what they are.

The police can’t safely do their job, at least not in NYC with this administration.

The police union met with de Blasio today. The union president said there is no resolve. Apparently, Bill de Blasio isn’t going to follow former mayor Guiliani’s advice to apologize. Shocker!

Barack Obama and Eric Holder, who are usually out in front of shootings of blacks were markedly invisible on the murder of two NYC police officers at the hands of a black executioner.

Source: Daily Signal


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