Bill Maher & NBC Reporter Want a Recession to Get Dems in Power


Bill Maher told a panel on his show last night that he wanted to see a recession. Anthony Scaramucci, who was also on the  panel said, “You don’t really want a recession.”

As we all know, a recession hurts the common man, not these elites who chatter with Maher and Maher himself.

Bill Maher made it clear that he does want a recession. He won’t suffer so why would he care about the rest of us?  “I do,” Maher told Scaramucci. “We have survived many recessions. We can’t survive another Donald Trump term.”

NBC reporter Richard Engel, another elite who wouldn’t suffer under a recession, said,  “Short term pain…better than long term destruction of U.S. Constitution.”

Hmmm…It’s Democrats who want to limit speech, abolish the Second Amendment, end due process and presumption of innocence, and they have only just begun.

People lose their homes and livelihoods during recessions, but as long as Democrats get into power, that’s all that counts to a Democrat. It isn’t to get rid of Trump, it could be any Republican President. It’s so they can be in power and call all the shots.

As you can see, elites won’t care about you or me.



  1. That’s how they got Bill Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama elected. The fed kept raising interest rates claiming to fight inflation that wasn’t there to make Bush 41 look bad on the economy and when Democrats took control of Congress in 2006 it wasn’t hard for them to tank the economy that had been humming along quite well. Of course neither Bush 41 or Bush 43 were that great but Democrats weren’t either. Economy didn’t rebound in the 90s until Republicans took control of the Congress in 95. Then didn’t rebound after the 08 recession until President Trump was elected and Trump did it solo because of the lackluster performance of the Republican controlled Congress.

  2. Man is a complete idiot…another talking head who believes that his ability to read a teleprompter makes him a “seer”…Exposes his treasonous mind set…he would, along with his egoistic pals, screw EVERYBODY so they can have their way….Oh, abolishing or circumventing the Electoral College would enable them to create the Democratic Republic of Chi-America…

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