Bill Mitchell’s Clown Show: From Trashing MAGA to Loving Them


Bill Mitchell called Donald Trump horrific names during the primary as he supported Ron DeSantis. Mitchell also trashed all MAGA Trump supporters. Making America Great wasn’t for him five minutes ago. He blocked me on X for simply asking him why he has to bash Trump to support DeSantis. Now he’s trying to worm his way back into MAGA hearts.

He promised to leave the Internet if Donald Trump was the candidate. Then he said he’d only support Trump if Ron DeSantis was his VP choice. Now he’s all in for Trump trying to regain Trump supporters for his monetary and narcissistic benefit.

Don’t fall for it.

He’s a bit scary.

The weirdo just realized he has to support Donald Trump. What a BS artist. Mitchell looks like he should be in a Dracula flick – is it the Botox?

Bill Pressler’s a better person than I am.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
17 days ago

I don’t know who this is. But he seems to be an opportunist, after money and a big job.

People like him, if they get onto the Trump team or administration, then sabotage from within.

The DeSantis campaign was in effect an effort to sabotage Trump, to divide conservatives between 2 candidates. Mitchell is now onto his next effort.