Bill O’Reilly Calls the Media, Gov’t. Agencies a Swamp That May Be Impossible to Drain


Bill O’Reilly called out the media Thursday after the President’s press conference. He explained the dishonest goals of the media and the left.

This is a reporter calling out other reporters and the U.S government.

“There are two goals here,” O’Reilly said. “First, to link the Trump campaign to the Russian hackers who disrupted the Clinton campaign. The second, to try to prove that President-elect Trump was undermining President Obama and his Russian policy back in December.”

“That is what the media goal is, that is what they want. Also, as we said last night, if there is truth to those allegations, they should be taken very seriously, when the facts are presented.”

“When President Trump first mentioned draining the swamp in Washington, I don’t believe he understood how extensive the problem really is.”

“After eight years of Presidents Obama, there are many people working in the government who liked the former president and who despise Mr. Trump. Eliminating all of them, stopping the leaks, may pretty much be impossible. Also, trying to get fairness out of the anti-Trump press is impossible as well. The Trump Administration has its hands full.”

It’s not only the media and the Democrats of course. The Republican Party are their own worst enemies and leading the pack of GOP Trump haters are Senators McCain and Graham.

During the O’Reilly segment with Bernie Goldberg, O’Reilly said, “…Let me make this case. From sign on to sign off on CNN, from the early morning to the late night, there isn’t one show host or anchor, not one, who is favorable to President Trump. Not one. Six months ago, from sign on to sign off on CNN, every single host and anchor was favorable to Barack Obama. So, when he [Trump] said, the level of hatred and the tone is unfair and bad for the nation, it is hard to argue with that. Is it not?”

Bernie argued against it but he’s a hack.

After the presser, which was nothing less than a tour de force, the media proved his point – they hate him and they are dishonest. They engage in conspiracy theories, portray gossip as news, and attack Trump on a personal level. These people don’t care about America. They care about deposing the President.

CNN’s John Heilemann said Trump “has a systematic problem with the truth.”

We’d like to know what he bases that on. Trump couldn’t have been more honest Thursday.

Tom Friedman of the NY Times said “Trump has zero moral authority with most Americans”. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews said Trump was “like a guy explaining his problems to a shrink.”

Tingles always sounds like he needs a therapist and Friedman is out of touch with most of America.

Immediately after the press conference in which Trump brought up the obvious fact that the media, especially CNN hates him, CNN’s Jake Tapper attacked him. He ignored all the factual news Trump shared and he disregarded the fact that the media attacked Trump over the absurd Hillary-generated Russian conspiracy theories.

Tapper called it “Festivus” because he’s such an objective reporter.

Listen to the presser and decide for yourself.

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