Dennis Miller Tells O’Reilly the Nation’s at the “Kevorkian” Stage


If you missed Wednesday’s discussion with pundit and comic Dennis Miller, you might want to listen. What he says is exactly how many of us feel. Miller says the country is “over”. He believes we are definitely going to turn “into a Socialist state”. You can watch that video on this link. It’s worth the 8 minutes.

Bill O’Reilly now agrees the country is “damaged” and Barack Obama ruled from the “far-left.”

“It is dire..and the culture is awful..but you have to keep fighting to the end,” O’Reilly argued. Miller said he’s going to leave the political scene completely.

“Congress is full of crap….they’re all full of crap…Liberals more than Republicans…Trump was a nice try but he wants to be liked too,” Miller said.

Miller wants to recoil and just spend time with his family. He’s 61 years of age and has had enough. There’s not enough time left for him to waste on these losers. It’s “over”.

Bill scolded Miller for leaving the political scene. Miller scolded O’Reilly for his fair & balanced mantra while he was on Fox News. He suggested he did not address the reality of what was going on. He scolded O’Reilly for “pandering”.

As someone who watched O’Reilly daily, I always got the feeling he knew what was going on but, in his effort to be “fair & balanced”, he stuck up for the left way too often. When he had a bully pulpit, he did not tell his viewers how bad it was. What do you think?

Bill is back on his podcast and he’s taking a different tone.

Listen to the exchange. We’ve cut a lot out but this clip begins with some of O’Reilly’s complaints about the useless Republicans.



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jim delaney
jim delaney
6 years ago

That was my beef with O’Reilly as well. He strived SOOOOOOOO hard to be “fair and balanced” that he often ended up with no meaningful opinion at all. For that reason, I gave up watching him with any regularity. Watching became painful, annoying.

6 years ago

As these past months have progressed there is the undeniable fact that this President has been the most engaged person in the affairs of the American working class. In my entire lifetime never has any politician or Government agency or anyone in Government for that matter taken it upon themselves to promote an American resurgence. Who else has brought business executives together for the specific purpose to create jobs. The usual political tactic is to “study” the issue and make recommendations that are never implemented. This is unprecedented in the political realm.

Since every single politician has failed in this regard, but claim otherwise, their fear must be overwhelming. They speak volumes of how they are working to “create jobs” but their fruits do not bear this out. Then comes a President who engages the business community to “Produce” and succeeds time after time after time. How does this reflect on those politicians who desire to thwart this success. Do they care more for their political power rather than the American public.