Bill O’Reilly Guts Godless Progressives Attacking His Movie ‘Killing Jesus’


O'Reilly on Killing Jesus

The TV movie ‘Killing Jesus’, based on his book of the same name, appeared on National Geographic on Palm Sunday, giving National Geographic its largest audience in its history. A total of 3.7 million tuned in. It will be aired again on Good Friday – this coming Friday.

Brutal attacks are still being leveled against Jesus today, not only in the Middle East, Asia and Africa but in the United States as well. In the United States, the attacks are verbal.

The attacks aren’t against O’Reilly’s book and movie really, they’re against the subject matter.

The anti-Christian, Jesus haters are out in force, attacking Bill O’Reilly’s historical retelling of the death of Jesus who spent his life preaching love and forgiveness.

There is a powerful movement against Christians and Jews and it is led by the godless secular progressives.

The crackpots at The Guardian called the movie “a Tea Party version of the Son of God.” O’Reilly called The Guardian’s comment “the most idiotic thing” he ever read.

The left-wing critics panned it in a vicious way. They weren’t critiquing, they were attacking Christianity, some even calling religion myths and legends.

Chuck Todd said Religious Freedom is code for being against same-sex marriage without saying it. As O’Reilly said, that was just a cheap shot.

Chuck Todd’s comment is his code for attacking Christianity and for hating Jesus.

Among the worst critic of O’Reilly’s effort was the sarcastic and condescending Christine O’Donnell from 60 Minutes who accused O’Reilly of thinking he’s “The Chosen One.” Catholics believe God speaks to each of us and has a plan for each of us. All are chosen by God to do his will. O’Donnell’s attack was not only on O’Reilly, it was on all Catholics.

O’Reilly believes Christians and Jews are under attack in this country, that it’s open season. They won’t go after Muslims because they’re afraid of them. They want to keep their heads.


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