Bill O’Reilly Is Halfway Through Negotiations to Return to Broadcast TV


As news of an alleged $32 million sexual harassment settlement by Bill O’Reilly came out in a New York Times report, the former Fox News host was negotiating a two-hour syndicated show with Sinclair Broadcasting.

Sinclair, accused by the left-wing media of right-leaning views that show up in news reports, recently negotiated a deal to make their company the nation’s largest television-station owner.

The timing of the New York Times article with the talks between O’Reilly and Sinclair is interesting since O’Reilly is a target of the left’s. Bill O’Reilly is a favorite target of hard-left Soros-tied publications such as David Brock’s Media Matters. The hard-left declared war on Fox News and their top hosts.

The talks are continuing even after the latest sexual harassment settlement case, NBC News reported. “They took a pause but it didn’t really change anything for them,” one of the sources said.

A  spokeswoman for the broadcasting company originally denied that Sinclair was in discussions with O’Reilly.

Nonetheless, one of the sources, who is close to O’Reilly, said on Tuesday that the two sides were “about midway” through negotiations. A second source explained that Sinclair is considering putting O’Reilly on its local stations.

Sinclair currently owns or operates 173 U.S. television stations. In May, the company reached a deal to pay $3.9 billion for Tribune Media, and if the deal is approved by regulators, the company would control more than 220 stations.

Many of Tribune’s stations are Fox affiliates. Fox might not love having O’Reilly return.

“What you are going to see is a syndicated show, not a news channel,” said a source familiar with talks, “I know they’ve been talking about doing something in syndication and something that could air on WGN,” Tribune’s flagship station.

The source said Sinclair is considering a two-hour block for O’Reilly, possibly beginning at 6 or 7 p.m.

“They want to do something anti-CNN, anti-MSNBC,” the source said, referring to Sinclair’s conservative political bent. Sinclair has faced criticism for telling local news managers that they must run segments featuring the Republican political analyst Boris Epshteyn, a former staff member in the Trump White House.

Bill O’Reilly says his deal for as much as $32 million with Lis Wiehl cannot be discussed and he’s in a bind. During an interview with Glenn Beck, O’Reilly described the $32 million as “wildly wrong”. He also corrected reports of six settled claims in 20 years, saying there were three and no one has ever called the Fox News harassment line on him. Calls into that line can be anonymous.

O’Reilly maintains the sexual harassment allegations against him are baseless and that he settled them to spare his family pain.

“This was hit job, a political and financial hit job,” he said this week on NBC’s “Today,” as reported by Reuters.“My conscience is clear, what I have done is organize a legal team to get the truth to the American people,” he added.

“Nobody’s a perfect person, but I can go to sleep at night very well knowing that I never mistreated anyone on my watch in 42 years.”

He said from this point on, any accusations will be fought in court. There will be no more settlements.

When Lis Wiehl agreed to the settlement, she signed a sworn affidavit that “she would no longer make the allegations contained in the draft complaint” and they “have resolved their differences.”

The heinous Media Matters is currently trying to get Sean Hannity off the air. The latest attack article is titled: Fox News’ ad revenue nose-dives, declining a whopping 17 percent…Hannity’s advertiser losses signal that Fox’s business model is not sustainable.

Media Matters has well over 6,000 hit pieces bashing Bill O’Reilly alone. Following are a sample of recent titles [we try not to link to them]. There are always several a week aimed specifically at him.

  • Ex-partner of O’Reilly accuser recounts Fox’s attempted cover-up of sexual harassment allegations
  • Two women who worked with Bill O’Reilly describe the culture of “abusiveness and bullying” at Fox News that helped him thrive
  • Fox News spent 12 hours over 3 weeks on Harvey Weinstein but just 20 minutes over 7 months on Bill O’Reilly
  • Vanity Fair ‘s Gabe Sherman explains how Bill O’Reilly “plays the victim” to dismiss reports of his $32 million sexual harassment settlement
  • The infrastructure that enabled serial sexual harassment at Fox is still working

Read Bill’s statement here and the Lis Wiehl affidavit is on this link. Bill’s defense can be heard in the audio clip below. The photo includes Lis Wiehl on the left and Kimberly Guilfoyle on the right.

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