Bill O’Reilly Responds to Women Piling on to Sexual Harassment Allegations


Megyn Kelly piled on Bill O’Reilly during her Today Show Monday. She basically called him a liar and said she put in a complaint about his “behavior”, but Mrs. Kelly never came up with evidence of misbehavior as promised. Instead, she came up with proof of a point of view she disagreed with.

During an appearance on Glenn Beck’s show Monday, Bill said he knew nothing of this alleged complaint and doesn’t even believe it.

In an update this evening, NBC News released the letter Kelly said she sent to the network complaining about Bill O.

We have the audio clip of Megyn Kelly from Glenn Beck’s show.

Bill had Megyn appear on his show for a segment each night for years and helped her career along. Of that, there is no doubt and he said he is surprised that she would do this.

Her comments have become front page fodder for the MSM and probably improved her abysmal ratings, for today at least, perhaps beyond. She also had one of the alleged victims on the show – Juliet Huddy. Huddy was a colleague on Fox who settled and cannot speak in detail. Going up against Fox was difficult she said and, generally, she suggested she was sorry about signing the non-disclosure agreement.

If she truly regrets it, she could always return the money and speak out.

Monday, Bill released notes Kelly and Carlson sent thanking him for his support and all the help he has provided. Megyn even called him a class act. You can read them on this link.

Gretchen Carlson was also out in public condemning Fox News as “outrageous” for re-signing O’Reilly. She had no evidence to present and, in fact, nothing to add other than her opinion as a woman who was paid handsomely for allegations she made against Roger Ailes.

The fact that Kelly and Carlson weren’t wronged by Bill but are joining in the assault makes one wonder about their motives. In Kelly’s case, Bill criticized people who go from network to network insulting Fox while collecting a paycheck. The only person doing that at the time was Megyn Kelly. As she hawked her book on other networks, Settle for More, she trashed Ailes and Fox News while collecting a paycheck.

On the other hand, a settlement of $32 million for a woman Bill says he didn’t wrong is very suspect if true. He also said there were only three settlements, not six, and suggested the $32 million figure was not accurate. Bill said on Glenn Beck’s show Monday that he settled to protect his children and he would do anything to protect his children. There wasn’t much he could discuss in detail without ending up in court again.

Read Bill’s statement here and the Lis Wiehl affidavit is on this link. Bill’s defense can be heard in the audio clip below. The photo includes Lis Wiehl on the left and Kimberly Guilfoyle on the right.

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