Bill O’Reilly Speaks Out After Being Fired: Leftists Targeted Him for a “Hit”


Glenn Beck introduced O’Reilly saying that in working with him, neither he nor his staff ever saw anything untoward in his behavior.

Bill O’Reilly has talked about his firing before but not in the detail he discussed with Glenn Beck on his radio show Friday. There is no question O’Reilly was on the leftist hit list for some time.

Recently the New York Times boasted of the left-wing’s success in destroying O’Reilly in only 18 days This was thanks to an effort spearheaded by the Media Matter’s David Brock, a close ally of George Soros, who is also his biggest funder.

O’Reilly may or may not have contributed to his own demise due to personal behavior but it was never about that.

He blasted some of the press as “vicious and evil” and called his firing a “hit”. he has promised that there will be at least a partial exposition of the details in the future.

There’s a lot of legality which prevents full exposure and it will be within six months for much of it to come out.

“There’s going to be an exposition soon, but I can’t tell you when,” he told Beck. “About what exactly this crew that goes in and terrorizes sponsors, that threatens people behind the scenes, that pays people to say things. We are going to name them and it’s going to be a big, big story.”

The NY Times rehashed some old news about sexual harassment claims against O’Reilly along with some very dubious claims. This time it was successful and led to an advertiser boycott generated by a mass lobbying campaign by the leftist groups.

O’Reilly said he’s fed up. “From now on when I’m attacked, I’m going to take action — mostly legal action,” O’Reilly said. “It’s not going to happen anymore to me.”

O’Reilly said he was “target number one” from “the organized left-wing cabal” charged with “destroying voices” it “does not like.”

O’Reilly learned about his firing from his attorneys on his way back from a trip to Rome with his son. The attorneys ere in shock and so was he.

“We were all shocked,” he said, adding, “I felt very bad for not only me, and people close to me, and my staff, but for the viewers and listeners. They don’t understand what happened.”

That’s so true. As a premium member, I can tell you he has a large number of confused and unhappy fans.

Fox can do what they want as O’Reilly says but he earned a great deal of money for the company and got very little respect in the end. O’Reilly was intensely loyal and criticized Meghan Kelly for her vicious disloyalty. She was rewarded with an offer of $20 million a year which she rejected and he was rewarded with termination.

He brought up the “evil” press. “This is a fact,” he said. “In American journalism right now, very few are seeking the truth. It’s not what the press is doing. They don’t seek the facts to back up what happened.”

He said there is no question the left hates Fox News and Donald Trump.

O’Reilly said the media comes up with a scenario and then they make the details fit it. Beck asked him about his thoughts on the Comey firing.

Trump, O’Reilly said, doesn’t trust Comey because he’s unpredictable and because he would not investigate the leaks that have plagued the administration. Lastly, Trump is crazed over what he sees as the fake Russia story aimed at delegitimizing his victory.

O’Reilly said the messaging is a problem with the administration and Trump doesn’t have strong people speaking for him. Spicer is weak, he said.

The left is out to destroy Trump, “it’s not even debatable”.  The press has conjured up this deal that Trump colluded with Russia to win the election.

Beck agreed there is no intellectual honesty, no research in the media, just group think.

Beck doesn’t think it’s conspiratorial but O’Reilly thinks Beck has become Little Bo Peep.

O’Reilly praised Beck’s move to his own media company, unlike him who was a the mercy of a corporation.

Beck said he is going to write a book Killing O’Reilly. In the future, O’Reilly’s planning to come out with the truth about the media and what is actually going on.

Whatever his personal foibles, Bill O’Reilly is an important voice. I remember my personal awakening came with his book, The Culture Warrior. It was an eye-opener for me.

There is no question the leftists are out to silence the voices of the right. He referred to the current targeting of major corporations as an example of what is going on.

Go to 40:00 on the mark. It’s an interesting back-and-forth.

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