Bill O’Reilly – “Totalitarian Left” Is “Out of Control” in America, The Media “Sympathizes With The Fascists”


O'Reilly on Memories Pizza

Bill O’Reilly, Fox News anchor of The O’Reilly Factor, appeared on Fox & Friends this morning. He was asked about the fiasco over Memories Pizza and the Religious Freedom act. He said” the totalitarian left is pretty much out of control in America” and we have a media which “sympathizes with the Fascists.”

When asked about the Religious Freedom Act, he said he “wasn’t surprised at all.”

“There are two things in play,” he said. “You’ve got the Muslim extremists, jihadists, they want to kill Christians and they’re doing it all over the world. And then in the United States and in Western Europe, you have a civil war between the secular Progressive movement and the traditional religious people, so in in both cases Christians are targets…”

The host, Elizabeth Hasselbeck, asked him about the Memories Pizza frenzy and he didn’t mince words.

“The totalitarian left is pretty much out of control in America and that’s because the media, generally speaking, sympathizes with the Fascists, so if you’re against abortion, you’re not a person of conscience sticking up for the unborn, no, you’re against women, you’re declaring war on women’s reproductive rights. This is how the media spins it. If you’re against gay marriage because you believe in Scripture, it’s not that you’re a religious person, whose belief system should be respected, no, you’re a homophobe, you’re a bigot”.

“Now, this is put out there, distributed by the mainstream media so that the fanatics in the secular progressive community, and that includes a lot of entertainment figures, they know they can get their attacks unchallenged in the media. Unchallenged. And that puts a lot of pressure on the person being attacked…”

O’Reilly said he knows that personally but he can fight back. The pizzeria people have nothing to fight back with.

“And here’s the final point. Where is the leadership on the religious front in America helping people of faith? Where are these people?”

Tammy Bruce is a gay conservative and as a gay woman she finds it shocking, watching this frenzy, and “if there’s anyone in the world who should understand being a minority, it’s the gay community”, she said. O’Reilly was asked about her comments.

He didn’t want to paint the entire gay community with the same brush. He reminded people that gay people have been abused. He thinks it’s a small number of extremists starting this frenzy.

His advice to the pizzeria people is “Don’t say anything. It’s not your war.” Let the leadership do it.

He wants to know where the religious leaders are and why bakers, florists, and pizza makers are the one’s having to stand up for their beliefs. It shouldn’t be on them. It needs to rest with the leaders.

He noted that he is Catholic, “the Catholic Church opposes gay marriage”, but, he asked, “is there one Catholic cleric in America who puts forth that point of view?”