Bill O’Reilly Wants a National Gun Registry for Law-Abiding Gun Owners



Bill O’Reilly dealt with the Second Amendment on his show this evening. While he believes in the Second Amendment, his solutions to gun violence, most of which is tied to drugs and gangs, are very controversial.

O’Reilly wants strong gun laws and if a criminal is caught in the commission of a crime with a gun, it automatically becomes a federal crime with stiff mandatory sentences.

Sheriff David Clarke was on afterwards and said that he believes it would go a long way to stopping gun crime.

O’Reilly wants a National Registry which would give the federal government incredible power over gun owners in this country. He said he understood that people are afraid it would lead to gun confiscation. O’Reilly couldn’t possibly understand or he wouldn’t be advocating for a registry because the government has already shown their propensity to confiscate.

It’s hard to know what he thinks this will do. Law-abiding citizens will be the only ones registering their guns. It would serve no purpose.

He wants to limit the number of guns legal gun owners can have as a solution to gun crime.

NRA discusses the idea of a National Registry here.

This administration has in the past shown a desire to move towards National Gun Confiscation. Leaked confidential documents revealed their true intentions based on their own research.

Bill doubled down last night and you can hear his comments ON THIS LINK.



  1. Wants me to register my firearms? Wants to put a limit on how many I can own? No longer will support his ideas, and I’m making out a check to the NRA to fight this.

    • I’m flabbergasted, I have long felt that Bill was on the RIGHT page regarding America. But he has clearly crossed over. Gun registration, limited ownership, are you kidding me? How could such a move have any impact, even minimal on the criminals who are perpetrating these violent crimes, it wouldn’t, couldn’t. It would only bear on us, the law abiding citizens, and on multiple levels. They, Government would then know which doors to knock on when, not if, but when they launch their plan to disarm us.

  2. O’Reilly is well-meaning, but he doesn’t have a full understanding of the Second Amendment or the implications of the things he is saying.

  3. The problem of felons in the possession of guns is not that they have guns. The problem is that they are out on the street. It is the same in every jurisdiction, every locality. It is the same people , the same element, committing the same crimes over and over again and being let out of prison. Most egregiously being let out early for “good behavior”, one of the most ludicrous propositions I have ever heard of. How hard is it to behave “good” in prison? They won’t let you misbehave in prison. They keep you locked up in a cell or under constant surveillance because you are a criminal. You haven’t proven a damned thing in prison having served only half your sentence.
    O’Reilly gets on his high horse, and rightly so, about liberal media bias and then parrots the same talking points they do which come from the statist cabal seeking to disarm the populace. His desperation to be respected is sometimes just that.

    • “They won’t let you misbehave in prison.”

      It’s pretty clear to me that you’ve never been IN one for any length of time. There are plenty of ways to “misbehave” in prison. Talk to people who’ve been there, please.

      I spent four years all all three shifts and most positions in a high security environment. There are lots of things done that ought not be done.

  4. Please send me a transcript of Bill Oreilly’s proposed gun registration program. I heard him describe it on his program Friday night, but I haven’t been able to locate a transcript on the web, and it fits right in with my thoughts on this desperately needed solution to all these unnecessary gun deaths. If we use a little COMMON SENSE, we can bring this constantly on-going tragedy FIRMY under control WITHOUT taking guns away from ANY law-abiding citizen!

    Thank you!

  5. There’s no plan as I’m sure you know. There’s nothing common sense about it and it just creates one more unmanageable big government mess that will be costly and ineffective. It does nothing to stop maniacs.

  6. Federal law (18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1-9) already prohibits convicted felons, fugitives unlawful drug users and certain other individuals from possessing firearms, ammunition and explosives. Penalty is 10 years in prison and/or $250,000 fine. And that’s a federal beef. So why do Bill O’Reilly and Sheriff Clark propose 5-year sentences for the same violations while saying this would go a long way toward reducing gun violence? Very disturbing when two people who I normally rely on to be knowledgeable and rational about crime reveal that they haven’t done their homework.

  7. Self righteous people never learn anything from history. Remember Germany under the Hitler regime, one of the first moves was a gun registry, then the rest is history..

  8. No gun control law will stop violence. What happened in S.C. was not over a flag or a gun but is the by-product of Affirmative Action, white people only being charged with hate crimes and other races are not , people making excuses for criminal for being drug dealers, murders , rapist and gang bangers and laws that infringe on religious beliefs.
    When one race is being placed last in line and not treated as equals, then violence happens against those that have been placed before then .so the left and dumbass conservatives need to address the real problem, we are not equal and not treated as equals, before all hell breaks loose in America.

  9. bill o reilly, you are a lowlife scumbag piece of garbage rino bastard. we have reserved a place in hell for ass holes like you.

  10. Then what, we arrest everybody who doesn’t sign up for a permit to get the criminal’s guns?
    How is it there is never an intelligent answer as to what we do AFTER all the legally owned guns are found?
    Nobody has taken a single gun away from the dope dealer, the rapist, the robber, the murderer, the mass murderer, the pedophile. Sure, there is a list with all the lawful gun owners on it and it is on a government computer that can be accessed by any hacker who is interested, to be sold to a couple hundred buglers.
    Why not put a set of Federal Felonys for people who have guns while committing a crime. Simple possession while committing a crime (a felon with a gun is committing a crime by just having a gun) gets 5 years; pulling a gun during a crime gets 10 years; discharging a gun during a crime gets 20 years; wounding a person during the commission of a crime is 40 years; killing someone with a gun is life without parole. Don’t get harder on those who legally own a gun, get harder on the criminal who has/uses a gun during a crime.

  11. No federal authority under the Constitution, Bill. The federal government may only prosecute federal crimes, which are laws made under Constitutionally delegated authority. There is not only no such authority delegated to make such laws, they are specifically and unambiguously prohibited by Constitutional Amendment as an added measure. Since the federal government can’t make such laws, they can’t enforce or prosecute them either.

  12. I am a decades long watcher and supporter of FOX network and Bill O’Reilly. Let me state this plainly – FUCK YOU…. Billy. Retract this statement, admit that Federal gun registration IS unconstitutional, or I will never allow FOX to be shown in MY house again.

  13. O’Reily is stupid. His views are more in line with Obama and the Brady Gun Control idiots. Why he is still on FOX is a mystery. I quit watching that idiot a good bit ago and never regret it. As to my guns; the state and federal government have no place regulating them. The 2nd state “…shall not be infringed.” for a reason and idiots like OReilly is one reason. It is the ONLY admendment that states shall not be infringed. IMHO OReilly should have his views regulated but that is protected by the Constitution as well.
    Bottom line screw OReilly’s views.

  14. O’Reily is an idiot, Fox is wanting ratings and you know someone is writing this crap for him. I think we as gun owners need to show up on the white house lawn in arms. You think the million man march was something. We could show a force that would overwhelm everyone and every Law Enforcement agencies ever formed. If we could do this peacefully without no one getting over Zealous we would show a point.

  15. Government (elected officials) has NO authority to alter, in any way, the wording of the Second Amendment of our Constitution which reads, in part, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed.” By definition, infringe means “to break or brake down; destroy; frustrate; impair. To commit a breach of; violate. To encroach; to trespass upon. Any alteration must be done with consent of the people as described in Article V. Congress may propose change to our Constitution. If two-thirds of both Houses must first approve the proposal which is then presented to the States requiring approval of two-thirds of the States, or the people therein. Any attempt to bypass this requirement by any elected official, would constitute a betrayal of their oath of office to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. The intellectually challenged might have difficulty understanding this, but simply stated, Politicians nor Media can touch it.

  16. That comment sounded like being from a DemPublican and messing around with the constitution in any way is UnAmerican and fits the profile of the DemoPublicans presently; who constantly are tasking the dumps in their Mess Kits!!!!!!!!!

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