Bill Says It’s Exactly What Hitler and Stalin Did


After discussing the tearing down of statues, that now includes our Founding Fathers, Bill O’Reilly talked about a Utah University shutting down freedom of thought. He also discussed the Sanctuary State bill Jerry Brown will sign.

Most concerning is the university telling professors to report or call 9-1-1 on students who are loud or not “inclusive”. Argumentative students must be reported to the Orwellian Behavior Assessment Team.

What is going on, according to Bill O’Reilly, is exactly what Hitler and Stalin did. Bill didn’t say it, but it’s also what Mao did in China during the Cultural Revolution.

They erased all of China’s alleged “imperialist history” and their spiritual beliefs in waves of violence and oppression. Priceless pieces of Chinese history were destroyed and political opponents were persecuted. Heretics were killed en masse and the social justice religion took its place. Mao and the political elites won complete power over the people.

Bill’s description of what is going on in Utah Valley University is unnerving. They are trying to control thought.

Utah Valley University “Less Inclusive” Will Be Reported to Behavior Assessment Team

According to The College Fix, Utah Valley University, is telling the faculty to report “inappropriate language,” are “argumentative,” or who speak “loudly.”

So now, the Behavior Assessment Team is in place at this University and I assume other colleges and universities will implement the same types of groups.

The letter, titled “Recognizing and Responding to Students of Concern,” was provided to The College Fix by a professor at Utah Valley. The document instructs faculty on the various types of behaviors that merit concern, including stalking, angry outbursts and bullying, as well as the signs that a student may harm himself or others.

The guidance letter gave professors advice on how to respond to a wide range of student behaviors. Professors are instructed to use techniques ranging from “supportive gestures” to calling 911, depending on the severity of the situation.

It also advises faculty to report “concerning…communication” and vulgar language.

The scholar added he sees the Behavior Assessment Team as “a tool of intimidation instead of a tool to foster inclusion.”

“In the past,” the faculty member told The Fix, “we have always been told that [the Behavioral Assessment Team] was for students who were a threat to physical safety…or for students who are disrupting the learning process. This year is the first time when we have been encouraged to report students for their words that may go against the inclusivity initiative or that may subjectively make someone ‘feel unsafe.’”

Other behavior that the university suggests could be reported to the Behavior Assessment Team include “unreasonable demands,” “behavior that challenges University expectations” and “making numerous complaints.”

Listen to the assessment. Bill spent years denying the hard-left on Fox News. He is now free to tell the truth.


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6 years ago

Wow. All happening so quickly. Let’s stand up, and speak out, where and when we can and must. This country’s future depends on it. If we lose free speech, we are done for. It may be irreversible, all that is happening. But let us not go down without a fight.