Billionaire Steyer wants $$$ out of politics as his aide buys endorsements


Billionaire leftist Tom Steyer, who is worth about $1.6 billion, focuses his campaign for President primarily on extreme approaches to climate change. He sees no need for fossil fuels as he heats his mansions with the commodity and jets around campaigning on obliterating fossil fuels for the common man or woman.

According to Steyer, environmental justice, a manufactured goal for America, is “just another way of saying racism” — and sexism.

“This country has focused its air pollution and water pollution in communities of color,” he alleged.

He’s apparently not averse to pandering.

In addition to eliminating fossil fuels, he wants money in politics, except his.

This talk of money in politics comes after he bought his way onto the debate stage and one of his top aides was caught trying to buy endorsements.  Another aide was caught with stolen data from Kamala Harris.

His impeachment ads aren’t substantive but they do insist orange man is bad.

Without grassroots support, he wants money out of politics.


He recently repeated his narrow, superficial plans for America at the very far-left environmental justice forum hosted by Democracy Now.

Few showed up. Along with Steyer, Sen. Cory Booker, Marianne Williamson, and Elizabeth Warren preached the gospel of far-left extremism. There were a couple of others.

Warren is polling in second place but didn’t bring the audience into this event.

Most notably, she too wants to get us past the invented climate change racism.

“I want to spend $3 trillion on our climate change and how to fight climate change over the next few years when I am president,” she said. “I will spend one-third of that in the communities that have been most devastated by our past racism, by our past attacks on these communities.”


None of these candidates bring in as many enthusiastic supporters as President Trump, for what it’s worth. Yet, all the polls, if you believe them, have Trump losing to all the Democrats.

Warren rally:

Biden rally:

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