Biological Males Compete in Girl’s HS Races, Beating Them Out of Titles


Two biological men — who say they are women — take the top spots from the women at Cromwell High School in Connecticut. They have not yet transitioned to female and still have normal male levels of testosterone.

They just say they’re women. The two identify as women without any of the biological characteristics.

Andraya Yearwood, 17, finished second in the 55-meter dash at the state open indoor track championships. The winner, Terry Miller of Bloomfield High, is also transgender who set a state indoor record.

Miller and Yearwood also topped the 100-meter state championships last year, and Miller won the 300 this season.

Connecticut is one of 17 states that allows transgender high school athletes to compete without restrictions.

One of their competitors, Selina Soule, says the issue is about fairness on the track with wider implications. The Glastonbury High School junior finished eighth in the 55, missing out on qualifying for the New England regionals by two spots.

Soule believes that had Miller and Yearwood not run, she would be on her way to race in Boston in front of more college coaches.

“We all know the outcome of the race before it even starts; it’s demoralizing,” she said. “I fully support and am happy for these athletes for being true to themselves. They should have the right to express themselves in school, but athletics have always had extra rules to keep the competition fair.”

Some parents are petitioning to stop them from competing.


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