Bizarre! Conservatives Allow Themselves to Be Grouped with Evil People


The left is holding the President, his supporters, the GOP, and the NRA responsible for the recent mass shootings. However, they are not responsible. The Gilroy killer had radical Islamic literature, the El Paso killer was a white supremacist with many cultural Marxist views, and the Dayton killer was a Warren/socialism/Satan admirer who wanted stricter gun laws.

We don’t blame Warren or Democrats for the killings, but we don’t blame conservatives either. It’s absurd.

This isn’t a conservative problem or a gun problem. Any of the gun laws they proposed would not have stopped these men. They were not on the radar.


The left is calling white supremacy ‘white terrorism’ now thanks to people like Republican George P. Bush who coined it. It’s no longer good enough to call it white supremacy. They have to ban the word ‘nationalism’ and tie it to race and the President.

Self-righteous Ben Shapiro fell for the manipulation, ignoring the leftist ideology of the killers. He makes his mistake simply calling it white supremacism. At least one of the killers was not motivated by their whiteness and the anti-immigrant killer had many leftist values.

Who is ignoring it? What he wants, as a never Trumper, is an apology and PC language. Of course, conservatives condemn these horrible crimes, that’s a given, but we don’t have to act as if we are one with these people, nor does the President.

It is bizarre to watch. Republicans are putty in the hands of these manipulative leftists.

Violence by radical Islam isn’t a problem for the MSM, violence by the radical left is ignored, violence by Antifa makes them heroes. If a radical white person commits violence, they are a serious domestic threat and must be condemned by every conservative or they are co-conspirators without a soul.

The ultimate goals are to destroy the President and take away our gun rights, speech rights, due process rights, and so on.

As Kurt Schlichter says, “Don’t worry. If you just give up your right to keep and bear arms, they’ll stop hating you and totally respect your rights.”

He continues, “Never try to convince people who hate you not to hate you by putting yourself at the mercy of people who hate you. Ask yourself – do you know anyone who did that successfully? No. They died.”

Meanwhile, NO ONE, NO ONE is talking about the 51 Americans who were shot in Chicago this weekend. Seven died. They are dying in our inner cities every day, despite some very strict gun laws. Judges and prosecutors soft on crime let criminals right out onto the streets when they are picked up for gun crimes.

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