“Bizarre”, “Nuts”, Possibly Drunk Interview with Sam Nunberg


Sam Nunberg was on a “bizarre” rant Monday, appearing on six news shows to lash out at a lot of people including Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Robert Mueller, and former campaign director Corey Lewandowski. He also viciously tore into President Trump, saying, “I hate the guy.”

The interview was described as “nuts” and “bizarre”, yet the media passed him around from station to station anyway.

Nunberg, who has a history of being fired and rehired by Trump, was fired for good after racially charged social media posts against President Obama surfaced in 2015.

Without consulting with his attorney who did not approve of the interviews, Nunberg announced he would defy a subpoena from Robert Mueller’s office, according to the Washington Post. By Tuesday, Nunberg said he would answer the subpoena, but it was a different story Monday.

“Let him arrest me,” Nunberg told the Post, declaring that he plans to defy the subpoena and corresponding requests to hand over emails and text messages related to the Trump campaign and communications with current and former Trump advisers, including Roger Stone, Carter Page, and Steve Bannon.

“Mr. Mueller should understand I am not going in [to the grand jury] on Friday,” he said.

“Do you think I would ever talk to that moron?” Nunberg told CNN’s Gloria Borger later in the day, insisting in a later interview with Erin Burnett that he’s not “playing a game of chicken.”

“Let [Mueller] arrest me!” Nunberg told CNN’s Jake Tapper.

When he spoke with Erin Burnett, he said, “I was a campaign advisor from 2011 to 2015. When everybody was laughing at Donald Trump.” He saw Trump as a father figure and then he “fired me” after saying he wouldn’t, he said.

When Burnett asked him about Sarah Sanders comments “criticizing him”, he said, “she should shut her fat mouth.”

“Yeah. For Sarah Huckabee to start criticizing me and I know you may not like the way I say it. She should shut her fat mouth,” he said.

Nunberg’s angry about the time and expense of hunting through his correspondence as Mueller is demanding.

“What I don’t like and this is a separate issue. I always find, Erin, there are two separate rules for Republicans and Democrats. Why did they not ask Hillary Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s folks to produce these e-mails?”

He also said there was “no collusion”. “Putin is too smart to collude with Trump”, he added.

At one point, he said Trump “can’t shut his mouth”. Sounds like that’s his problem.


Erin Burnett confronted Nunberg with accusations that others who were involved in interviewing him Monday said he seemed “bizarre”, “nuts”, or drunk or on drugs.

The media shouldn’t have had him on given his state.

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5 years ago

The whole Mueller BS is PATHETIC, as far as this guys e-mails and text messages, he should tell Mueller he smashed his blackberry with a hammer, bleach bitted his computer server, but don’t worry that the emails and text messages only involved yoga and wedding discussions, if it worked for Hillary and company, why not for this guy??????

5 years ago

What Nunberg should do is continue his refusal and use that in Court to charge the Special Counsel’s case as Invalid and all current charges rendered moot, since it began with NO criminal violation.

Louis Bertrand
Louis Bertrand
5 years ago

How pathetic,