Black Dem Mayor Stands Beside the President Heaping Praise


President Trump has been working hard to set policies that help inner city minorities. One of them is the ‘Opportunity Zone’ program aimed at spurring economic development in depressed communities by providing tax benefits to investors.

The media didn’t say much about the recent success that the Democratic Mayor of Vicksburg, Mississippi, George Flaggs enthusiastically praised. Standing alongside the President, he expressed his appreciation for the effectiveness of the legislation.

“As a mayor of the city and a former legislator for 25 years, I’ve never seen any piece of legislation that allows more collaboration between federal, state and local government,” Flaggs said.

“And just to tell you what we was [sic] able to do,” the mayor said. “In Vicksburg, we have created — 54 percent of our new jobs and the new jobs in the state of Mississippi was [sic] created in Vicksburg, Mississippi, because of the economic opportunity we share here today.”

The mayor continued by saying that these new jobs are changing people’s lives.

“The City of Vicksburg — 24,000 people, rural as you get. But, at the same time, we was [sic] able to save 125 jobs for the city of Vicksburg,” he said. “And let me tell you, that’s bread on the table. That’s meat in somebody’s kitchen.”


The president introduced former NFL player Scott Turner who will now serve as executive director of the White House Opportunity and Revitalization Council, which is led by Ben Carson, the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Praising Trump for his “vision and leadership,” Turner told the room of state and local leaders that they can do big things together.

The President wants to do the right thing for America, all Americans, and while he may go about it clumsily and sometimes rudely, his heart is in the right place. The media, most Democrats, and some Republicans are very unfair to him. If they would help him, we could see more of this.

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