‘Black Lies Matter’ – A Hoard of Far-Left Squeaky Wheels


Black Lives definitely Don’t Matter to the #BlackLivesMatter groups or they would be screaming about black on black crime which is mostly gang and drug related. They’d be upset about the little children shot while in their beds or on their grandfather’s lap. They’d be distraught over the young men being beaten for doing well in school and for the young people shot simply while walking home from a local store.

There is no normal white person who doesn’t want blacks to succeed. If they do well, we all do well.


Black Lives Matter are the same people who made up Occupied Wall Street, only now they also include black separatists, criminals, violent anarchists, cop haters, and other assorted communists and socialists. They should be ignored, not encouraged.

Their tactics are to rant, rave, start riots, all while they call themselves protesters.

I’ve been an administrator for years and what has helped me is to never give in to the squeaky wheels. Otherwise, you encourage more of this.

Most of the time, they are protesting the justifiable shootings of criminals with the goal of establishing a social justice, aka Marxist, criminal justice system.

They are raising awareness of some serious problems in the criminal justice system but their solutions are going to make matters worse.

In New York City, we can see how their leftist ideas are working out because Comrade de Blasio has established just such a Utopia.

There are homeless everywhere and many of these homeless people are dangerous drug addicts and psychopaths who hit people up for money; illegals, some of whom are gang members, are also everywhere; really vile porn and the accompanying lawbreakers have returned to Times Square; nude, painted ladies are running around Times Square annoying people; crime is skyrocketing; costumed characters are pestering pedestrians, and so on.

The Days of Mayor Dinkins are returning. There were 3,000 murders a year and it was unsafe to go anywhere in the city in those days. He was a leftist also.

Comrade de Blasio won’t let cops do their jobs and cops have backed off.

Leaders from Third World nations are coming to the U.N. and are shocked by what they see, saying they do a better job of taking care of their homeless. They can’t believe what has happened to New York City.

We don’t have Stop and Frisk but we do have a tidal wave of crime in Utopian New York City.

The Black Lives Matter pests have way too much power with the Democrats and it’s hard to understand why.

After they were absolutely abusive of Bernie Sanders two weeks ago and the very next day Sanders dropped a detailed racial-justice package on his website.

Sanders’ reaction was no different than that of O’Malley with his whining out a pathetic apology to these fringe people who are funded by Socialist George Soros.

Bill O’Reilly said something I agree with. He called them “loons”, and, yes, even black people can be loons.

Patrisse Cullors, one of the co-founders of the movement, responded to his comments on “HufPost Live”, saying she was “mortified” O’Reilly called the organization an “anarchistic group.”

“It’s pundits like him the fuel anti-black racism. It’s pundits like him that allow for folks like Dylann Roof to have more ammunition. So, I think we need to hold him accountable,” Cullors said on the program and in a clip O’Reilly showed.

She is so far out of line, I wouldn’t know where to begin, but I’ll say this, O’Reilly’s comments have nothing to do with race and their being black or mostly black, does not give them license to start riots, disturb people in restaurants and shout down politicians.

The Soros group, Think Progress, reported that Daunasia Yancey, one of the BLM activists said they have been confronting Democrats more than Republicans as part of a strategy.

“Well, every presidential candidate should expect to hear from us and expect to be held accountable. It’s actually a practice called “power mapping,” where it’s similar to lobbying, where you actually map who’s closest to you on the issue and go to those folks first in order to force them to articulate their stance and then hold them accountable to it. So this movement is very strategic, and that’s what we’ve been doing.”

People should understand that they are being trained by Soros people. What Think Progress didn’t mention is that the strategy is also to separate them from the parties in name only. They’re far-left people who are pretending they are not far-left. They want people to think they are fair. Neither is true.

They do NOT represent the majority of black people. Normal black people are not being heard.

Daily Caller reported a new Rasmussen poll of 1,000 likely voters which found that twice the number of blacks and three times the number of Democrats endorse the phrase “all lives matter” in lieu of “black lives matter”.

The entire Black Lives Matter group was built on the lie that Michael Brown was murdered by a white police officer when it was a justifiable shooting Brown caused. His ally at the time of the shooting – Dorian Johnson – who lied about the incident, had taken part in a petty theft with Brown, not only escaped arrest, he was given a government job which he kept for a month.

Sheriff Clarke

Sheriff Clarke calls them the ‘Black Lies Matter’ group. He’s got that right.



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