Black Lives Matter Idiots Exceed Their Own Low Bar


The Black Lives Matter group are outrageous bullies without a cause.

The #BlackLivesMatter group had an inauspicious start using Michael Brown as their cause. They have continued to disrupt people at lunch and dinner, while receiving awards, and during political speeches even when it’s by one of their own. It’s what one can expect from a group funded by Open Society’s George Soros.

They did it again at a Westlake Park event Saturday in which Bernie Sanders was shoved aside by several of the Black Lives Matter idiots so they could rant about Ferguson and demand four minutes of silence for Michael Brown who was shot by an officer after he committed a crime. The grand jury found in that case that the officer shot in self-defense.

Organizers and some from the crowd of thousands of liberals asked them to leave after a few minutes but they refused, with one calling the crowd “white supremacist liberals.”

The liberals don’t understand that when they encourage division and nonsensical expansions of terms like “white supremacist” to innocent white people that it will one day come back to hurt them.

Bernie Sanders had to leave the event and he’s a radical Socialist just like them. What the heck do these people want outside of dividing Americans with what seems to be a mantra of hate?




  1. White people getting closer time to die stab whitey f*** him in his brown eye shoot whitey f*** him in his brown eye white people getting closer time to die .

  2. I think they need to be herded on ships and sent back to Africa. There was a discussion about that very thing prior to the Civil War!

  3. just wondering why the bigger picture is being missed in the comments.
    this is not the first time mr. sanders has been silenced by the blm group.

    with hillary’s numbers falling and the sanders’ campaign able to draw
    the faithful and the un-decided to his events in droves; the dem machine
    is worried, so soros sent in the hired guns to dis-credit his platform.

    the purpose wasn’t to deny mr. sanders a short speech to a small group,
    it was to use the optics of the kerfuffle ( magnified by the media ) to create
    a negative impression of the man in the minds of those americans with short
    attention spans; and it will work.

    regardless of how we feel about his creds; he deserves the right to freely secure
    the support of as many americans as he can in order to effect the periodic power
    of the people over government.


    • You’re probably right. They’re Soros-funded and he is her friend. Hillary hasn’t been bothered at all but his group and she has also said ‘all lives matter’. If that is what they’re doing, I don’t see it working.

      This group is so out of control though, who knows.

      Did you see the Dems cut the debates to 6, undoubtedly because every time she opens her mouth, she says something stupid.

      • within the dem’s mr. sanders has always been considered a firebrand, but hillary goes along;
        she’s their choice, despite her faux pas and indictable baggage.
        as far as ‘out of control goes’, i agree with all of my constitutional heart, but look at how
        they sanitized and legitimized ‘la raza’ over the years.

        we are not mr. jefferson’s republic anymore and it pains me to write those words…b

  4. They are biting the hand that feeds and has fed them for a long time when they disrupt the Sanders crowd. By all means, please continue. The Sanders of the world have indulged and encouraged their infantilism, so I do not care if they are uncomfortable now that the chickens are coming home to roost. May they be entirely consumed by the monsters of their own creation.

  5. Are we to assume that a sitting senator running an increasingly strong race for the presidency does not have Secret Service protection? I’m not a fan of this guy, but seriously, how could a bunch of thugs simply strong arm their way onto a stage holding a U.S. Senator/presidential candidate? That’s crazy.

  6. Bernie Sanders may be reaping the product of what Obama and other liberals, “progressives”, and socialists have sown. He may get “eaten” by one of the monsters they have created, or at least “danced” with to get where they are.

  7. brown is old news. Besides, he himself showed that black lives “don’t” matter! Not his own anyway. He was a thug and that is all he was.
    These gomers want to rant and rave over what was a lost cause in the first place, let them have at it.
    “What difference does it make”

  8. These are low information voters being manipulated by an organization funded by an evil man. They have lost their faith, have no education and want to ride the train of “you-owe-me) this is also what you get from democrats in local administrations. Liberal Leech Syndrome.

  9. Im not a Bernie Sanders fan but this is outrageous. In my opinion these people should have been arrested for bullying and intimidating with force these people on stage. What a joke if nothing was done to these obnoxious scumbags. If they want to discuss things like black lives matter they can set up a rally too. Not go take over someone elses. Outrageous

  10. this are just your standard subhuman parasites just like mike brown, al Sharpton Obama, jess Jackson, Hilary Clinton parasites comes in all colors but all are subhuman

  11. If Michael Brown is your best example of what your so-called cause is about…. You’re so lost there is little hope for you!

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