Black Lives Matter Is Antifa, Why Are They Getting a Pass?


Dr. Ron Martinelli, a former police detective, has studied Black Lives Matter extensively. He’s also written a book about the group which he describes as the equivalent of Antifa. There is no real difference in terms of ideology or goals.

Black Lives Matter was founded in 2014 and based on two lies, that of the shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman and the later shooting of Michael Brown. He traced its ties globally.

They are a militant, Marxist organization. They are black supremacists. George Soros is one of their biggest funding sources. Soros funds a number of anarchist, socialist, communist and revolutionary groups worldwide. Their tenets go back to the Black Guerrilla Family, the Black Nationalist Movement, police killers of the 1960s and 1970s.

Dr. Martinelli reiterated that they are without a doubt ‘Marxist’.

In the clip below, he talks about how the group spread so rapidly. He attributes it to the three founding members who are extremely intelligent and well-educated. One in particular is expert in social media.

He also explains how the organization functions.

The goal of the organizations to: disenfranchise and disassociate the police from the community, defund the police, and dissolve law enforcement. They do not want to bring the community and law enforcement together. He suggests people google campaign zero to see the ten objectives they have with respect to law enforcement.

They also spread their mantra with a lot of fake news, like that of Michael Brown, Freddy Grey, and Tamir Rice.

The movement has nothing to do with all black lives, only certain black lives, he said. The host who interviewed him, Jonathan Gilliam, asked Dr. Martinelli if educators realize they would be the first ones killed in a communist society. Dr. Matinelli then explained that Americans aren’t being taught civics or history.

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