BlackLivesMatter Founder Won’t Get That Cushy Government Job He Wanted



DeRay McKesson, a Black Lives Matter trouble maker, opportunist, looting expert and leftist, lost big in the Baltimore mayoral primary. Trump won more votes in Baltimore than he did. McKesson won 3% of the Baltimore vote at 3,077 and Trump won 3,950.

HuffPo thinks it’s because McKesson didn’t have enough local name recognition. It would never occur to them that they know exactly who he is – an agitator who had no problem with the criminal activities in Baltimore last year.

The leftist online magazine boasted of his resumé as a community organizer in Baltimore and later as one who opened an after-school center.

His resumé includes teaching a course on looting at Yale. They should have bragged about how he thinks it’s okay for Blacks to loot.

BlackLivesMatter Founder Teaches Lesson at Yale on Looting


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