Black Lives Matter Prepares for a Revolution


Black Lives Matter Protesters
Black Lives Matter Protesters

While thousands of potential terrorists flood through our open borders, the FBI is worried about one San Bernardino terrorists’ phone, so much so that they want Apples’ phones to be easily hacked. The FBI is sending out misinformation to the public to win the PR war.

They are obviously not serious. At the same time, our administration is catering to communists and black separatists funded by socialist/communist George Soros.

For those who think Hillary’s largest backer George Soros is anything but a leftist trying to take down the Capitalist system, you are wrong. He is funding some evil organizations and one of them is the anti-Capitalist Black Lives Matter groups and their phony defense of innocent black youth being killed by allegedly rogue police while they ignore the real problems of drugs and gangs.

One of the Black Lives Matter communists posted a riot wear guide on Twitter – in Arabic. This was first posted on Breitbart.

Black Lives Matter has been invading the Trump rallies and all we hear is how Trump is rude and how he tells his security to get them out of there in a crude manner.

What we don’t hear is how violent, menacing and dangerous these “protesters” are. They are using typical communist tactics, the same ones used at Occupy Wall Street. They start the trouble and then snap photos or videos of the scenes they think will help their cause as they take on roles they’ve been trained for. They’ve been doing this for decades.

They look like the innocents when all is said and done. They were the ones screaming profanities and threatening people, getting physical.

Notice the commie/Black Panthers’ fist:


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