Black Man Talks About Miserable Black History Month


Lloyd Marcus is a rare man, he is an unhyphenated American who is black and who regrets the exploitation of Black History, used to paint America as “eternally racist and a hellhole for blacks”. In the article, he points out that the left wants Americans to see themselves as victims of Christians, conservatives, Republicans, rich or straight white men.

Marcus left out descendents of Europeans.

This line is what concerns many of us: “Individuality and self-reliance are as repulsive to Leftists as the cross is to Dracula. The Leftist dream is for all Americans to be dependent upon and thereby controlled by the big tyrannical government. Leftists want the government to force their agenda items down our throats that would never be approved by voters.”

Marcus used the example of the Congressional Black Caucus’ response to the President’s SOTU announcement that black unemployment is at a record low.  They sat stone-faced because it’s not good news for them. They want dependents and victims.

Marcus adds: “It was stomach turning to see Leftist operative CBC members wearing their little African cloths draped over their shoulders. These cloths are supposed to show CBC members’ super commitment to black Americans. These people (CBC members) are shameless traitors to their fellow black Americans.”

The CBC is “evil” he wrote, and “hellbent on deceiving black Americans into believing their lie that Trump is racist.”

Despite Trump is implementing policies helpful to blacks.

“Trump is racist solely because Democrats, Hollywood, and fake news media have told them Trump is racist.”

“Blacks murder each other in record numbers in cities controlled by Democrats for decades. Blacks are engaged in self-genocide due to disproportionately high numbers of abortions. High numbers of fatherless household, epidemic numbers of blacks joining gangs, school dropouts, black on black crime, incarcerations, and poverty,” he wrote.

It is horrible. The left has blacks convinced white cops are killing them and keeping them from killing their babies violates their rights.

As he explains, Democrats paint them as a helpless, less intelligent race with no responsibility for their own future success. “Notice how Democrats/Leftists are always advocating lowering the bar and giving us free stuff; addicting us to government freebies,” he writes.

I am appalled by the Democrats’ bigotry of lowered expectations regarding my fellow black Americans. As a black man, I can say this. Our problem is not whitey persecuting us. Our problems are rooted in blacks allowing their loyalty to Democrats to morally bankrupt our communities. It was amazing seeing many black clergies abandoning the Bible’s view of same-sex marriage because Obama was for same-sex marriage,” Marcus said.

That last part is shocking. I grew up in a Black neighborhood and they were so religious and sweet. They love their children. I thought they would never abandon pro-life views.

As he wrote, Blacks who love America are demonized as Uncle Toms or sufferers of Stockholm Syndrome.

America Is a Great Country for All of Us

His conclusion is one of a proud American: “American is the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose to go for it. To my fellow blacks, reject the American Lefts’ daily-you-are-a-victim excrement. Pursue your American dream via education, hard work, and right choices. Pure and simple.”

When Barack Obama came into office, he presented black life in America as one of endless oppression and misery as seen in the 1950s.  He appeared to be looking to make 2008 into 1964 and, to some degree, he and his leftist army have succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.


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