Black Patriots Fight Antifa to Protect New Orleans Confederate Monuments


Andrew Duncomb, the Black rebel, is fighting for our history.

Small groups of patriots attempting to protect the Jefferson Davis monument last week stood stoically while being confronted by hundreds of unhinged Antifa.

Also present, acting as “observers”, were the leftist lawyers of the  National Lawyer’s Guild. The Guild is known to be a Communist front group. They come to all these leftist battles because their violent, bussed-in pawns need lawyers to get them out of jail. The Guild is an integral part of the violence.

Tearing down historical monuments is tearing down history. For better or worse, this is history.

The Black patriots protecting the beautiful, historic monuments say the mayor has turned the city into “complete anarchy” with Antifa terrorists, including #TakeEmDownNOLA and BlackLivesMatter, coming in with trucks and attempting to pull down 19th century monuments in the dark of night.

The police won’t help them, says Black Rebel. He has put out a call to patriots from across the country to help him.

The “Black Rebel” explains:

Next is an interesting debate with southern blacks. The south is not only about slavery but that is what the fascists want people to believe. They want to erase the south and their history, stereotyping everyone who is proud of their ancestry. In reality, very few in the south owned slaves – it was the elite. The first slave owner was a Black man.

It’s not black and white.

It’s not about black or white, we are about one race!

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Richard Terry
Richard Terry
5 years ago

I must say this article is better than most I’ve read. Most articles are biased and maintain it’s all about slavery and white supremacy when in reality it’s not. This one took a more neutral point of few and even pointed out a few little known pro south facts. Before the war the south already had a plan in motion to end slavery(by 1865). The north wanted to keep them dependent on the existing system while openly denouncing slavery but while behind closed doors they were getting rich off of its taxes and enacted laws to keep it in place.