Black Prof Explains College Destruction of Black Students


Recently, Amy Wax, a University of Pennsylvania law professor, criticized the school’s racial preferences program [affirmative action]. As a consequence, she is the target of a vicious campaign meant to destroy her.

During a recent interview with a Brown economist discussing affirmative action, she mentioned how racial preferences hinder black success.

Blacks are often admitted into schools at which they are in over their heads academically, she believes.


Esteemed Black Professor Walter Williams writes in the Jewish World Review: “At Penn’s seventh-ranked law school, Wax said, she doesn’t think that she has ever seen a black law student graduate in the top quarter of his class, and ‘rarely’ is a black student in the top half.”

Students and faculty are now charging her with racism. She has been stripped of a teaching assignment by her dean, Williams continued.

A reaction from a website, ‘Above the Law’, demonstrates the deceit coming from the hard-left PCers: “It is now safe to say that the luckiest people on the face of the planet are Penn Law 1Ls because they no longer have to deal with Professor Amy Wax. Wax’s musing that black people can’t get good grades finally forced the school to remove her from the position of teaching minority students who have every reason to believe she harbors racial animus against them.”

Leftist professors at the university condemned Professor Wax for having “bourgeois values.” Penn graduate students’ union GET UP condemned the “presence of toxic racist, sexist, homophobic attitudes on campus.”  Penn, of course, is one of the most racially tolerant of schools and none of those accusations are true.

The “superiority of one race over others is not an academic debate we have in the 21st century,” GET-UP wrote. “It is racism masquerading as science.”

That is absurd. Wax never said any such thing.

That’s a perfect example of how the left twists the truth for their victim ideology.

Nearly half the professors at the University of Pennsylvania law school published an open letter condemning their colleague Amy Wax for her (in)famous op-ed on bourgeois values.

It was all a lie.


Dr. Walter Williams wrote on her behalf: “I’m guessing that Penn’s law faculty members know Wax’s statement is true but think it was something best left unsaid in today’s racially charged climate.”

The dean could have tried to refute her claim with statistics, but he didn’t [couldn’t?], Williams noted. Professor Williams wrote about a study in the early 1990s that supports her statements.

In the study, two-thirds of black students were in the bottom fifth of the college classes and only 10 percent were in the top half. The black students also had far more problems passing the law licensing exam than whites.


Professor Williams explains it is the fraudulent and inferior education black students receive at the K-12 level. Their schools, while costly, aren’t as good as those in white neighborhoods. The professor also notes that their schools are in cities under liberal black power. These inadequate schools include cities of Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

As one example, check out some of the people teaching in Chicago when they go on strike waving Communist signs. If you’ve listened to their inappropriate language, you would be shocked. Williams is right.

When Oakland teachers are telling students that a vicious cop killer is another MLK Jr., one must ask who hires and monitors these teachers.

Walter Williams writes: “In these and other cities, it’s not uncommon for there to be high schools where less than 17 percent of the students test proficient in reading, and often not a single student in such schools tests proficient in math. Nonetheless, many receive high school diplomas.”

Williams concludes by stating that four years of college cannot make up for more than a decade of inferior schooling.

There are also societal factors in these areas that should be spoken about honestly. They won’t be because they are tied to liberal policies. This attack on Professor Wax has done even further damage to free speech at a top-tier university.

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bella sognatore
bella sognatore
5 years ago

Yes, black students are being cheated out of a good education, not because their schools are more run down or because they don’t have adequate computer labs or new football fields, although all of those may be true facts, depending on the school. They are being cheated because they are not being held to high standarts academically, and perhaps more importantly, in terms of student behavior. Administrators are afraid to expect more from these students and teachers are pressured not to fail them. Perhaps the most devastating impact of liberal policies are evident in today’s urban schools. Parenting, or lack thereof, is also to blame but misguided liberal policies are also largely responsibly for that as well. Good for Trump pushing back on affirmative action! It hurts black students much more than it helps them.

5 years ago

So, the students and the teachers are merely changing deck chairs on the Titanic. They apparently haven’t realized that the students’ academic performances aren’t going to change because the burden of proof is on the students, not the teacher. And even if the staff inflates the grades, the student still have that monumental task called “passing the bar”.