Black Prof Suspended for Saying Black Lives Matter Isn’t “Helpful”


A professor at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix explained that sometimes Black Lives Matter (BLM) makes statements that are not “helpful in any way”. He was suspended for that after BLM took up the matter.

Actually, BLM is a George Soros-funded communist hate group that ensnares some very nice and innocent people who they exploit.

This is what the professor said last year:

“They are saying things that are not helpful to any way, shape or form of human dignity or flourishing,” Professor Toby Jennings said. “That is not helpful to any conversation. That kind of rhetoric is not helpful to any conversation.

“And that’s what I mean by they should be hung.”

BLM is the black man’s Antifa and anyone who goes against them, especially a black man, will feel their wrath as they take America down. He must be a white supremacist.

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