Black Revolutionary Puts Out Call to Kill All Police Officers in Pittsburgh


Mauricelm-Lei Millere is a black revolutionary and a Ferguson organizer who also goes by the name Minister Mauricelm X. He called for the killing of police officers after the Alton Sterling shooting in Baton Rouge. He is once again calling for the killing of all police officers, this time in Pittsburgh. Oh, and he is running for the Senate.


His claim to fame is as co-founder of the African-American Defense League along with New Black Panther Party crazy Malik Zulu Shabazz.

Shabazz wants to kill all the crackas, including white babies. Millere was also a New Black Panther.

Millere, New Black Panther

The African-American Defense League is a revolutionary group that sports one member who ambushed Dallas police officers in 2016, killing five and wounding nine others.

Dallas gunman Micah Xavier Johnson supported the AADL on Facebook, where Millere’s group posted messages that declared “ATTACK EVERYTHING IN BLUE EXCEPT THE MAIL MAN” and “sprinkle Pigs Blood” prior to Thursday’s attack. On his Instagram page, Millere wrote: “We have no alternative! We must kill white police officers across the country!”

Millere also wants to kill President Trump, his family and call it self-defense. When he made those comments, it did not prompt Facebook to take down his page. After Charlottesville, Minister Millere wrote:


The families have to be murdered too because that’s his definition of self-defense: I say again Black Nation, WE MUST KILL ALL RACIST ORGANIZATIONS, AND THEIR FAMILIES IN SELF-DEFENSE!
In May of 2016, Millere met with Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton had to know who and what he was at the time this photo was taking with him meeting him and shaking his hand.

Friend of Bill’s

Millere is now calling for activists from around the country to avenge the shooting of Antwon Rose in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

It was the officer’s first day on the job. He stopped the youth and two others at a traffic stop because his vehicle matched the description of a non-lethal drive-by shooting. It looks like the white officer, Michael Rosfeld, shot the black Antwon in the back as he was running away. Be forewarned, however, the story is very incomplete. There is only one video available. The officer thought Antwon, an honors student, had a gun.

Two guns were found at the scene.

The shooting was followed by days of protests and near-riots and they continue to this day. The mob will not want legitimate justice, they want mob justice.

Millere posted his call to violence this week on Facebook but it has been taken down:

Dispatch To Pittsburgh Is Written In Blood and No Less!

Attention: To All Who Is Concerned!

We are on our way to Pittsburgh to apply the laws of an eye for an eye, in self-defense of our younger black brother, who was murdered hours earlier!

We have no alternative! We must kill the police, that are killing our black children & Families In Self-defense!

This police must not be allowed to live in peace/or War!

To All Black Nationalist, Gangstas, Featherweights, Heavyweights, Black Mercenaries, MS-13, Especially ETCs!

We have taken oaths of death before dishonor, to right the wrongs that are happening in our communities (both foreign and domestic)! I am enacting this Black Nationalist/Internationalist Oath Now!

We’re arriving to Pittsburgh to ‘Right This Wrong!’ We are coming to Pittsburgh ‘To Die If Necessary’ in Self-defense But ‘We Demand The Life of The Officer That Killed Our Younger Black Brother or Any Blue Life Will Do!

We Are Seriously Considering Instituting An Annual Purge Across America — Against All Racist White Organizations, All Racist White Police, And All Their Ignorant, Conformed, Black Coons/Goons, for the sins/killings that are being committed against our people (daily, monthly, annually) by such enemies (both foreign and domestic )!

We cannot/will not accept any less! We Will Die To Fulfill This Cause In Self-defense! May Allah Be With Us Until Whatever End!

He has not been arrested or even questioned insofar as we can tell. We should note that Pittsburgh Democrats are running a Socialist for DA in that town. This Mulliere guy is running as the first black senator of Kentucky.

The word isn’t getting out. People are apathetic.

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