Student Stabs 4 Students, Kills 1 at UT-Austin, Motive Unknown


We will update as information comes in.

UT-Austin police said student Kendrix J.White used a “Bowie-style hunting knife” to kill one man on the scene near the school gym and injured three others about one block away, one of the three is in critical condition, at least two of the wounded are men. The killer is black and is said to be 20 or 21-years of age.

Kendrix J. White

Student Rachel Prichett told the Associated Press she was standing in line at a food truck outside the gym when she saw a man with a large knife approach the person standing behind her, Fox News reported.

Rachel Prichett

“The guy was standing next to me,” Prichett said. “He grabbed him by the shoulder and shoved the knife in it. I just started running as fast as I could.”

Campus police said the suspect is in custody. His motive is under investigation.

This is the take down of the suspect who was witnessed stabbing people by no less than 25 students.

In another incident in Dallas, one or two people shot an EMT racing to help a person suffering a gun shot wound. The EMT is in critical condition.

Meet the murdered boy.

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