Black Thugs Are Misguided Children You Racist



Young “thugs” are no longer “thugs” in our utopian Wonderland under the far-left. This seems to mostly apply to black thugs because it’s being depicted as a racist word equivalent to the “n” word. If you are young and black or a white leftist, you are supposed get a pass to assault people, loot stores, destroy livelihoods, burn down businesses and homes. The Baltimore city looters are falling all over themselves begging forgiveness for not seeing it when the thugs were trying to burn the city down.

City Council President Jack Young said he was sorry for calling the Baltimore thugs “thugs” when they are really just “misdirected children”. He said it standing next to gang members from the most violent gangs in Baltimore.

Other liberals are calling “thugs” “misguided youth.”

The Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has apologized repeatedly for using the word “thugs” to describe the “thugs” who destroyed or damaged 150 stores, homes, and a senior citizen complex, burned 144 cars, vandalized numerous others, and threw rocks at police officers trying to serve and protect.

After screwing up royally, she is now screwing up some more.

Former mayor Rudy Giuliani suggests we call them violent criminals instead.

People who think these riot/protests are run by normal Americans are mistaken. They are run by Soros’-funded groups, radical black separatists, communists, gangs and other anti-Americans who exploit the poor and downtrodden. That is not to say that accounts for all of those who are upset and in some cases, rightfully so.

The leftists have taken a problem which is real and misstated it. Changing the language changes the way we think about things.

Black Americans still do not have the opportunities that many whites do but it’s not a product of white supremacy, white privilege, systemic evil in the police departments and justice system.

Baltimore is the proof. It’s run by blacks. The problem is the policies of the left that do not help blacks.

The problem is liberal privilege, liberal supremacy, liberal totalitarianism in these poor minority areas. Leftist liberals would like to redistribute all wealth from the whites to the poor blacks which would be radically unfair to productive whites and would do nothing more than impoverish everyone. Leftists are under a misguided notion that there is one big pile of money out there and the whites grabbed it all up unfairly.

The mayor’s renunciation of a very apt word is more liberal idiocy. If we don’t call things what they are, we can’t deal with them appropriately. We are on a wrong path.

Some tweets follow to give a sense of what’s out in the Twitterverse.

Nothing like twisting it into an attack against all blacks. It’s racist now.

I’m all in on this one.

This jerk got his start with Bill O’Reilly. Wonder if he regrets it.


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