Black Trespassers in Starbucks Scream “Racism” After Arrest for Trespassing


Starbucks apologized for the arrest of two black men in one of their Philadelphia City Center stores. Actually, they sent a minority official to a leftist protest after the event to plead for forgiveness.

The two trespassers were cuffed and taken into custody after refusing to leave the café. The men have a lawyer who said they were waiting for another person to conduct a business meeting.

The manager called police because the two men were loitering – trespassing – and wouldn’t order anything. Employees backed up the account. So-called witnesses in the café railed against the arrest.

Without proof, the men say they were targeted because they are black.

Employees said the men sat, did not order a thing and also used the restroom. There is a store policy that only patrons can use the facilities.

The police said they asked the men to leave several times but they wouldn’t.

The lawyer for the men – who were not charged – says it’s discrimination and Starbucks will be held accountable.

Some of the employees are minorities and some of the arresting police are black.

The creepy Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson has ordered training for “unconscious bias”, a thought crime of sorts

If people loiter or trespass, no matter their race, they have to go and certainly should go when asked. No one is allowed to trespass anywhere. Last year, a cop was told he couldn’t use the restroom unless he bought something. What do you think?

Very soon after, “black, brown, indigenous folk” swarmed the Starbucks in protest, seemingly well prepared to do so.

This is the arrest:

This sounds like a set up with leftist witnesses and a nearly-instant protest. It just does to me, having gone undercover with leftists.

Who goes into a restaurant, orders nothing, and just expects to hang?

This is what the police chief says:

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