Black Veteran Puts Haddam’s Kneeling Selectwoman to Shame


Selectwoman Melissa Schlag is a member of the Haddam, Connecticut, board of selectmen, or executive body. She takes a knee during the pledge to show her hatred/contempt for President Donald Trump. It’s not well-received by many but she remains undeterred and vowed in a Facebook post to continue doing so as long as he remains in office.

She does have her supporters too of course.

“Where as long as Donald Trump is in the White House and dividing our great nation I will kneel,” Schlag said defiantly.

Schlag is also rejecting the Americans — half the country — who voted for President Trump. She’s rude and disrespectful towards them, towards the military, towards our nation and all it stands for. The Selectwoman is showing this disrespect on the taxpayer’s dime.

While she shows her contempt, some Democrats cheer her on, not all.

In the video below, she says, “This town is fascist and racist”. She apologized for what that is worth. It appears to not be worth much since this was her instinctive response.


This should not be a partisan issue. For the military, it’s not. Showing disdain for our flag and country is not a way to protest the President, but many Democrats do it anyway. To be honest, Democrats aren’t big fans of the flag or the National Anthem and would like it gone. They keep trying to replace the Anthem with other songs and get it banned before sporting events.


The woman who called the townsfolk “racists” will have a hard time calling this man a “racist”.

In this next clip, a Black veteran asks the crowd to kneel during the Anthem on their own time. Is he a “racist” too?

This all-American hero absolutely blasts her behavior.  She still doesn’t get it unfortunately. He served his country bravely, and she thinks showing disrespect and contempt is courageous. What a confused woman.

Definitely watch this:

Another veteran explains in this clip:

There are many who hope she gets fired. Others just want her to get it.

These townsfolk placed flags in protest. Very cool!

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