Black Woman’s Health Study: Racism Might Cause Black Women to Get Fat



The 2014 updated Black Women’s Health Study, citing dated assessments, indicated that there might be a connection between experiences of racism, even perceived experiences of racism, and obesity in black women.

“In an assessment of weight change between 1997 and 2005 among BWHS participants, we found that women who reported frequent experiences of racism gained more weight than women who reported that they rarely or never experienced racism. These results suggest that experiences of racism may contribute to the occurrence of overweight and obesity among African American women,” the report stated.

After 19 years and millions of dollars, we now know why some black women become obese. It’s racism!

People in our society are no longer responsible for their own behaviors. It’s always someone else’s fault and if the government throws enough money at it, they will help you believe it.

Your tax dollars at work.

The data was acquired from biennial surveys, a lazy form of research. Money spent on this study might have been better spent providing healthy food to poor black women.

Why are white women fat then? Surely that requires a 19-year study??

Why are women in the mid-East and Africa getting fatter? They aren’t surrounded by white people.

Julie Palmer, a senior epidemiologist at BU’s Slone Epidemiology Center and a School of Public Health professor of epidemiology, is a coordinator of the Black Women’s Health Study (BWHS), which has been tracking the health of 59,000 African American women since 1995.

Palmer sees the government as the answer to it all. People need to be taught healthy eating habits and the government can do that! She said: Cities must clean up parks and quash violence to encourage physical activity and urban planners should design more walker-friendly neighborhoods.

Palmer also blames obesity on fast food burgers:

And when the women were asked how often they ate out and what type of fast food they chose—burgers, pizza, Mexican, Chinese, fried chicken, or fried fish—those who frequently chose the first option had the most consequences. “We found that eating burgers from fast food or other restaurants definitely increased risk for obesity,” she says. “This was after controlling for soft drinks and after controlling for total fat. There’s something about red meat; we don’t know exactly what it is. And then there’s something about eating that type of meal and everything that goes with it. It was clearly worse than eating the fried fish, fried chicken, or the pizza.”

She also found that women who walked more had a lower chance of being obese.


h/t Rosalie Hanson

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