Blackface Shoes Pulled from Shelves After Loon Complaints


Did you know shoes can be blackface? Yes, they can. If they have faces and the shoes are black, they’re blackface. Who woulda thunk it?

Seriously, guys? Pretty soon, nothing will be safe.

People were upset because they have big, red lips, Page Six wrote. Guess they didn’t notice the blue eyes. Katy Perry is taking a lot of grief for this, and it’s fun seeing liberals hoisted on their own petard. It’s hard to know what the complainants are worried about since it’s doubtful anyone would buy those ugly things.

This is not satire, honest.

The clamor over the blackface shoes follows the kerfuffle over the hideous Gucci sweather with the pull-up collar that had big, red lips.

We already wrote about the Gucci sweater, and we doubt the designers are bigots, they’re just bad designers. Is this thing ugly or what?

This PC garbage really has to stop, but until it implodes, it’s good for laughs.

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