Blackface Trudeau will skate since it’s only ‘darkened brownface’ – Big Update


We updated this to include a video of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau jumping around in blackface. It represents a third time he appeared in blackface and it’s after he said he only appeared in blackface twice. The information is coming out before the big election.

Global News has this update:


Blackface Trudeau apologized for partying in blackface and admitted to doing it one other time. He would like you to forget about it now since he’s a left-winger and the rules are far more flexible for the racist left than anyone on the right. Actually, has anyone on the right been caught in blackface?

This get-up is from 2001 and an Arabian Nights party.

Time magazine, true to their biased reporting, called it brown face. Does this look brown to you? It’s clearly blackface.

On Wednesday, TIME magazine published a report titled, Justin Trudeau Wore Brownface at 2001 ‘Arabian Nights’ Party While He Taught at a Private School.

“The photograph has not been previously reported,” Time said. “The picture was taken at an ‘Arabian Nights’-themed gala. It shows Trudeau, then the 29-year-old son of the late former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, wearing a turban and robes with his face, neck, and hands completely darkened. The photograph appears in the 2000-2001 yearbook of West Point Grey Academy, a private day school where Trudeau was a teacher.”

Not “darkened” Time, it’s blackened.

The photo has been around a while and businessman Michael Adamson thought the public should see it.


Caught on his plane by reporters, Trudeau said, “I shouldn’t have done that,” said Trudeau. “I should have known better and I didn’t. I’m really sorry.”

A reporter asked if he thought the photograph was racist, he replied: “Yes it was. I didn’t consider it racist at the time, but now we know better.”

He was asked if he did it before and he said in high school to perform the song “Day-O” famously sung by African-American singer and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte. “I deeply regret that I did that,” the liberal politician said.

Regarding the blackface photo, Trudeau told reporters, “I’m pissed off at myself, I’m disappointed in myself,” according to the AP. “I should have known better then but I didn’t, and I am deeply sorry for it. I’m going to ask Canadians to forgive me for what I did. I shouldn’t have done that. I take responsibility for it. It was a dumb thing to do.”

It’s racist for the right but just “dumb” for the left when they do it.

It would be a huge scandal if someone on the right did it, but he’s a leftist so it’s only “dumb” and it’s “darkened” skin, not blackface.

Watch his interview:

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