#BlackLivesMatter Proves They’re Lawbreakers


#BlackLivesMatter is vandalizing confederate monuments in several states proving that they are wanton vandals.
Jefferson Davis monument vandalized

The Black Lives Matter mob vandalized the Jefferson Davis Memorial.

A confederate monument in Forest Park was vandalized by radicals in the same group.

Forest Black

A Confederate memorial was vandalized in St. Louis.

St Louis

Baltimore confederate statues vandalized.






Charleston, “Black Lives Mater” with one “t”.




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robert howard
robert howard
7 years ago

If “Black Lives Matter” wants to be a credible voice in the politics of racism, they will not gain any credibility by resorting to the stereotypical thuggery that non-blacks in the U.S. have come to expect. Vandalism is like a false god, it is not a respecter of persons, and it will cut both ways. The puppet masters would very much like to see a racial civil war erupt, it’s how they were able to enter into American politics in the 19th century during the first civil war.

It’s time for justice to include all Americans, and justice means the death penalty for those who would come into places of worship and go on a shooting spree. Justice for all is NOT attacking historical grave sites. I have yet to hear anybody from the “Black Lives Matter” movement call for the death penalty to the South African terrorist that attacked the predominately black congregation. Has anybody else? That would make a lot more sense to me, being an American Christian, than petty vandalism.