Bleach Bit Hillary Accuses President Trump of Obstruction


Time Magazine is trying to make themselves relevant again by interviewing the former candidate for President, Hillary Clinton. She couldn’t beat anyone.

Hillary spent the interview trying to damage the President while giving advice to Nancy Pelosi, who I’m sure doesn’t appreciate it.

“I think Nancy is right to be cautious about making sure whatever is done in this Congress is more in accord with the very careful approach of 1973 and 4,” Clinton said while speaking at the Time 100 Summit.

“And remember the other piece of this is that the Congress has to keep working. I know she is very focused on putting some accomplishments on the table, even if they die in the do-nothing Senate — which they will. Because that has become a hotbed of cynicism, unlike anything I have ever seen.”

Hillary is the most cynical politician out there.


Clinton claimed that the Mueller report made it clear that President Trump did obstruct justice, and implied that Congress should indict him.

He didn’t obstruct and that was clear, but she is the moving force behind this entire probe. It was her opposition research that became the dossier.

Hillary, the woman without a conscience and morals, is the one who obstructed. Her staff lied, hammered and bleach bitted hard drives. She used a private server to keep Americans from knowing what she was doing. She OBSTRUCTED, just like her husband. Bill was impeached for perjury and obstructing justice — he told people to lie.

Hillary suggested the only reason he wasn’t indicted is, allegedly, a sitting President can’t be indicted. Who says that? The Democrats?

Of course, you can indict a sitting President. They don’t indict if it doesn’t warrant it, but if he committed a crime, they would indict him.

It’s ironic that she is saying anyone else would have been indicted after she skated on real crimes. Her husband Bill also committed crimes. Trump did not!


“We were the subject of a foreign adversary’s attack,” Clinton said, adding that “We need to get the full report – the unredacted version.”

Why didn’t Obama address the attack? If he had, the leaks of her emails would never have taken place. That’s on Obama and his team of Keystone Cops.

She just won’t shut up and go away.

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