Bleach Bit Tech Admitted He Lied to FBI, Was Given Immunity


The Hill on Tuesday published a story from leaks out of the House Judiciary Committee. It seems that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe discussed with them irregularities which proved the outcome of the Clinton email scandal was rigged in Clinton’s favor.

One important piece of information which points to just how corrupt the investigation in Comey’s FBI was comes from one of the tech specialists who used Bleach Bit to wipe Clinton’s server clean after the congressional subpoena was issued admitted. He lied to the FBI. And what did the FBI do? They gave him IMMUNITY from prosecution!

Let’s not forget how Ret. Lt. Gen. Flynn was treated for lying!

The tech is not identified but we do know that word at the time was Paul Combetta, who worked for Platte River Network, deleted Hillary Clinton’s emails after a subpoena was issued for the emails. It appeared to prove he was ordered to do it by Hillary Clinton. He was known as Bleach Bit Combetta. We don’t know if he is the same person the FBI was referring to because the name was redacted but it’s possible.

The Hill‘s John Solomon writes about Hillary’s obvious criminality and the lies by a key witness: That evidence includes passages in FBI documents stating the “sheer volume” of classified information that flowed through Clinton’s insecure emails was proof of criminality as well as an admission of false statements by one key witness in the case, the investigators said.

The FBI had already begun writing Hillary’s exoneration statement at that point. She was given “special” consideration, reports say.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said it is obvious the Obama DoJ and Hillary State Department were corrupt. The system is rigged and it needs to be purged, he says.

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