Joy Behar Calls the Gassing of Syrian Children a Military Operation


The “ladies” of The View discussed whether or Trump had the authority to order the airstrikes. They also went into Russia’s role in the whole affair. It’s painful listening to some of them.

ABC’s Paula Faris spoke on behalf of the children killed in last week’s chemical attack.

“But if you can’t allow yourself to be effected by looking at those pictures and the videos of those children not being able to breathe and the children dying, you have to question your humanity,” she said. “You have to question your humanity.”

“Please, this is not personal… about questioning anybody’s humanity,” Behar interjected.

“No, you have to,” Faris responded. “How can you not question somebody’s humanity?”

“These are military operations we’re talking about here,” Behar countered.

“We are talking about dead children,” Faris fired back. “Dead children!”

Behar, out of her league discussing world affairs and suffering children, said dismissively with a wave of her hand, “there are many atrocities that have gone on in the 20th century, please.”

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