BLM Terrorist DeRay Mckesson Leaves His Lucrative Job in Baltimore Schools


After a rocky one-year tenure as an administrator in the Baltimore Public Schools, a bastion of the hard-left, DeRay Mckesson will now concentrate on spreading his lawless message and stirring up riots the media likes to call “protests”.

Former President Obama welcomed leaders of the violent hate group Black Lives Matter, including DeRay Mckesson, to the White House and was revered for it. President Trump calls out the radicals in Charlottesville but doesn’t name them and he’s reviled.

Mckesson and other Black Lives Matter leaders were invited to the White House in July of 2016 by former President Obama after a racially motivated Black Lives Matter sympathizer murdered five Dallas police officers who were manning a Black Lives Matter protest. At the meeting, Community Organizer-in-Chief Obama praised Mckesson and the other leaders for their “outstanding work.”

Obama hailed Mckesson as a “social media emperor”.

Black Lives Matter, elevated by Barack Obama, is a communist hate group but one of their leaders, DeRay Mckesson, was rewarded for his’ activism’ with a $165,000 a year job as head of Human Resources in the Baltimore Schools.

The Campaign Zero founder was chief human capital officer of Baltimore Public Schools though his tenure there was rocky.

As emperor in Baltimore schools, he hired and placed educators and administrators, and decided on layoffs due to a $130 million budget deficit.

President of the Baltimore Teachers Union Marietta English described the layoffs as “nothing short of a humiliation for those who were dismissed while in the middle of classroom instruction,” The Baltimore Sun reported.

He emailed the teachers’ their dismissal letters. Sounds unfeeling.

In addition to his Black Lives Matter activism, the social justice warrior Mckesson founded and leads We the Protesters, a group that advocates policy changes and rails against so-called police violence. He also has a popular podcast, “Pod Save the People,” and has featured high-profile, leftist guests, traitors and loons.

Last year, Mckesson told UPROXX that the violent actions of the movement’s rioters are justified, since “people take to the streets as a last resort.”

“So when I think about anything that happens when people are in the street, I always start by saying, ‘People should not have had to have been there in the first place,'” stated Mckesson.

He also justified “looting” during a Yale lecture.

The title of the course was “Transformational Leadership in the Black Lives Matter Movement” and the topic was to read In Defense of Looting. The subtitle of the racist piece is, “For most of America’s history, one of the most righteous anti-white supremacist tactics available was looting.”

The article rails against “white supremacy” and condones violence and looting as political protest. The rationalizations abound:”Calling breaking a window “violent” reproduces this useless definition and places the whole argument within the rhetorical structure of non-violence ideology. Not-non-violent, then, becomes the more useful term.”

The last paragraph is all you need to know: “When, in the midst of an anti-police protest movement, people loot, they aren’t acting non-politically, they aren’t distracting from the issue of police violence and domination, nor are they fanning the flames of an always-already racist media discourse. Instead, they are getting straight to the heart of the problem of the police, property, and white supremacy.”

Daily Wire wrote about McKesson refusing to disavow the violence [he condoned it]: At the hands of Black Lives Matter, we have seen cop cars and gas stations set on fire; we have seen white media and locals targeted for beat-downs because of the color of their skin; we have seen local businesses looted and trashed; we have heard chants calling for dead cops.

Why would he disavow? He was helping to foment it. Black Lives Matter was invented over a fake crime against Michael Brown and he was rewarded for it. Brown’s family were rewarded as well. Money came indirectly from George Soros and Mckesson lived in a home owned by the hard-left Open Society Foundations.

This radical leftist has been labeled a civil rights leader by the media. He’s actually a lawless exploiter of his fellow man making hay out of race-baiting.

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