Bloomberg Is Happy With the OWS


Mayor Bloomberg said he’s happy to let the occupiers on Wall Street stay as long as they want if they don’t commit any crimes. Slews of them are smoking pot in the open in broad daylight to say nothing of the nudity and sexual trysts in the open. Correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding is that smoking pot and public lewdness are crimes. People may or may not agree that they should be, but we can’t pick and choose who must follow the law and who needn’t bother.

Weren’t hundreds arrested for closing down the Brooklyn Bridge among other things? Aren’t they hacking into personal police information? Read here: Three arrested

So what’s up with that? It’s costing the city millions. Aaron Klein might have the answer.

First, some info that I know about. On Day 1 of this “protest,” I heard one OWS group leader tell an interested third party that Brookfield Properties, owners of Zucotti Park, are supporting their cause and that he should call VP Melissa for assistance. I have it on one of my posted videos.

Secondly, I have to mention that Diana Taylor is Michael Bloomberg’s domestic partner, who had an allegedly do-nothing VP job at Keyspan. The people at Keyspan knew she was connected. Her reputation was one I wouldn’t want for myself, unless I would want people to think I had a snooty, snotty personality.

Aaron Klein said that the rumor on the streets of New York City is that Mayor Michael Bloomberg is afraid to assert any authority over the OWS because of Diana L. Taylor.

Taylor is on the board of directors of Brookfield Office Properties, the corporation that owns Zucotti Park. She is Ms. Wall Street and comes from the rich, big banking elite most of us dislike and hated to bailout, as do the OWS.

Most interestingly, Taylor is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, as is George Soros. Taylor also serves as vice chair on the board of The After-School Corporation for which Soros’s Open Society Institute provided the founding challenge grant in 1998. Upon the tenth anniversary of TASC’s founding, Soros was “celebrated” for his $126 million investment. Read more here: Aaron Klein

Not for nothing, but there were hate Bloomberg signs all over the dang park – the OWS don’t seem to like Bloomberg. I have another question, why are the OWS after Murdoch and the Koch brothers, but don’t care about these left-leaning companies like Brookfield? And why are they accepting support from this corporation? One of the reasons could be related to all the pro-Obama buttons and signs – just a thought.


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