Bloomberg says Xi’s not a dictator — Red China listens to the people


As mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg banned super-sized Big Gulps, baby formula in hospitals for new mothers, extra large popcorn in movie theaters. One of his initiatives was to ban salt and sugary drinks in restaurants, concessions, and other eateries. He is one of the biggest funders of gun grabbers in the United States. It’s not surprising to hear him come out in support of Red China.

Michael Bloomberg told Firing Line host Margaret Hoover that Chinese president Xi Jinping is “not a dictator” and, according to him, the Chinese Communist Party listens to its constituents.

That must be when they’re not forcing them into gulags.

The former New York City mayor just announced an economic forum in Beijing this November, and he’s a fan of Red China. Bloomberg seems to think they’re doing a lot about pollution [as they build coal plants every month].

Bloomberg told Firing Line that China’s leader is addressing pollution to satisfy constituents and secure his political future. They listen to the people, he insists.

Bloomberg strongly defended China’s ruling communist regime citing its handling of pollution and environmental policy, claiming that it is responding to the needs of citizens.

The billionaire is saying this as months of violent protest in Hong Kong continue and Chinese Muslims are oppressed. More than 800,000 Muslims are imprisoned in China for their beliefs and the international community is crying out over the injustice.

“The Communist Party wants to stay in power in China and they listen to the public,” Bloomberg said. “When the public says ‘I can’t breathe the air,’ Xi Jinping is not a dictator. He has to satisfy his constituents, or he’s not going to survive.”

“He’s not a dictator?” Hoover asked. “He doesn’t have a vote, he doesn’t have a democracy. He’s not held accountable by voters. Is the check on him just a revolution?”

“No, he has a constituency to answer to,” Bloomberg responded. “You’re not going to have a revolution. No government survives without the will of the majority of its people.”

What would the people fight with Mike? They don’t have guns and they are watched constantly. They rely on social credits now for their freedoms. Fear has beaten them down.

Bloomberg also says he’s too moderate to run for President as a Democrat. Think about that!

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Howie Mezrak
Howie Mezrak
3 years ago

It is better to get the ancient peoples to consider their communist oppressors akin to their long term magog oppressors, which they actually are, because a new democratic regime would still be kinder on minorities no matter how vile their heritage. If we persist in coddling their ancient oppressors, we will only harden the resolve of the ancient civilizations against us. The Shanghai Pact is all about ancient civilizations decimated by the magog millenium trying to reclaim their patrimony. Gibbon loved the Turks because he was one through his Lapp Finn Viking lineage. Fred Koch is the Khan of Magog because of his American Indian, Hun, Lapp and Finn lineage. The magog are not a race but actually a political schizo-bipolar horde of social fugitives, drawn to militaristic and police aggression with their volpomammic birth myths. The magog lineage of the deep state makes them support Uyghurs, Rohynga, Chechni, Bozni, Turqi, Paki and Saudi against the Chinese, Russians, Jews, Kurds, Greeks and Armenians. For all who claim ancient civilizations failed because they lacked Anglo Saxon patents, let them learn that Samuel Slater stole British textile intellectual property for the USA and the Alien Property Custodian appropriated German intellectual property during both world wars. The oligarchs have gouged out little inventors by calling them patent trolls, doing muchg more damage to intellectual property than China. In a keynote speech at the International Conference on Cyber Security July 23, 2019 at Fordham, Barr said that in order for law enforcement to have access to encrypted communications, Americans need to accept the risks associated with backdoor, maybe his real problem with Huawei was it would not allow back doors. Google used to tell regulators it would someday use hash matching to detect pirated material on your personal computer and delete it, just imagine if they use the same algorithms and sence of fairness they now use to detect supposed fake news. The deplorables destroyed their own brains with football and alcohol, so they should stop blaming others.

Madame Difarge
Madame Difarge
4 years ago

Bloomberg even looks like he’s turning into George Soros.

4 years ago

Bloomberg aka turdblossomberg is one pathetic statist. The gall of this rotten apple enabler to smugly say china listens to it’s constituents like a good parent is like saying adoph hitler was good to german jews. Unbelieveable the moxy this guy has to say this crap. Meanwhile in china they listen to EVERYTHING their citizens say…WATCH everything they do and have a POINT SYSTEM to make sure you are a model citizen of their desire. Not free so much eh….but hell turdblossomberg wants this kind of big brother statism in the USA…. sickening hypocrite POS he is.