Bloomberg Takes Gun Control Battle to Chicago




Bloomberg is unloading $2 million to put out attack ads on Democrat Debbie Halvorson because she is pro-gun. She is being primaried for the seat vacated by Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. and was cruising along until Bloomie came along. Full Story at Politico

By attacking their own, they are sending a strong message to Democrats – support strict gun laws or lose your job.

Obviously if Mayor Doomberg feels the need to ban 20 ounce sodas, salt in restaurants, baby formula in hospitals, and styrofoam, he wouldn’t be able to tolerate private gun ownership unless it is strictly controlled and limited by Big Brother.

Meanwhile, after President Obama gave his speech in Chicago, 4 people were murdered. Just proves that talk is cheap.

The left doesn’t like the supporters of private gun ownership’s effective talking point – Chicago has the strictest gun laws and the highest murder rate. To turn it around, they are making Chicago the heart of the gun-control advocacy.

The parents of murdered teen, Hadiya Pendleton, are now gun-control advocates and are campaigning for stricter gun laws. I’m sure Michele Obama discussed it with them when she attended the child’s funeral.

When they can promise me that all criminals will turn in their guns, they can have mine.