New Yorkers Are Being Social Engineered into Teeny Apartments



Did Bloomberg get his ideas for teeny apartments from jail cells?

Billionaire and social engineer, former mayor Michael Bloomberg, left a legacy. One of the more questionable initiatives was his encouragement of the Hobbit-sized apartments now popping up throughout Manhattan.

Bloomberg wants all New Yorkers to have a place to live, a teeny little place to live.

He backed a pilot program called adAPT NYC that he hoped would be a new housing model for the city.

The winning design in a competition held last year was created by MyMicroNY, with their 275 sq. ft family apartment (you read that right). It squeezed a kitchen, bathroom, and windows all in a glorious 275 sq ft. The design includes prefab, modular furniture with adjustable interior layouts that can be adapted with times-of-day and use. You can move your furniture around all day.

The builders are building them and the city provides the space.

San Francisco is also looking at super small for-rent units of 220 to 290 sq. ft. Boston is looking at something slightly larger. DC is giving it consideration.

Liberals sure know how to take care of the peons. These cities really will be plantations as de Blasio’s preacher said yesterday at his inauguration.

It’s not as if people in the city had spacious homes to begin with.

When Bloomberg isn’t taking away our salt, cigarettes, and 20 ounce sodas, he is looking for ways to fit us into minuscule pack ‘em and stack ‘em homes. All this while he himself lives in a mansion.

HUD calls it ‘right-sized housing.’

I grew up poor but we had a decent sized apartment. My bedroom was a foyer but it was about half the size of the apartment Bloomberg thinks is fit for a family in New York City.

Check out the floor plan from one of the designers. All the beds go up into walls.


When the beds are away, you can have 8 people eat dinner in your place:


A new project in Harlem is offering 100 sq.  ft. rentals for $1275 a month, according to life That’s right, Harlem! $1275 a month!