Bloomberg’s & Nike’s Red China pioneers frightening form of social control


The Red Chinese government is led by a charming and affable President Xi who spreads a lot of money around, which has endeared him to Michael Bloomberg, Nike, LeBron James, and countless others. However, behind the smile, is a typical communist approach to political opponents or just anyone they don’t agree with.

We now know more about what goes on behind the veil of secrecy. Classified Chinese government documents made public by an international group of journalists describe the repressive inner workings of detention camps in Xinjiang. We can’t confirm if they are legitimate.

There have been two leaks. One describes the selling of body parts of prisoners and another exposes the inhumane treatment of prisoners and use of social control. They are re-training Muslims in particular. Rape, torture, whatever it takes is used, as they indoctrinate them in their belief system.

The Chinese are pioneering new forms of social control, using mass surveillance, data collection, and AI.

This is the nation in which U.S. businessmen have set up shop to make a bigger profit. They have slowly accepted the communist oppressive regulations and when they are not in China, their free speech is now restrained according to China’s wishes.

Reuters reports that China is re-educating ethnic Uighurs and other Muslims.

The publication on Sunday of the documents by the International Consortium of International Journalists shows that the 1 million Muslims in custody are treated according to a list of guidelines on “how to prevent escapes, maintain secrecy about the camps’ existence, and indoctrinate internees.” They even decide “when to let detainees see relatives or even use the toilet”.

These are people who have committed no crimes.

Star Tribune reports further details.

Uighurs and other minorities held inside are scored on how well they speak the dominant Mandarin language and follow strict rules on everything down to bathing and using the toilet, scores that determine if they can leave.

“Manner education” is mandatory, but “vocational skills improvement” is offered only after a year in the camps.

The classified documents show the Chinese government’s plan to lock up ethnic minorities without evidence of a crime to “rewire their thoughts and the language they speak.”

The new form of social control they use includes data and artificial intelligence. The data is drawn from mass surveillance technology or detention.

“They confirm that this is a form of cultural genocide,” said Adrian Zenz, a leading security expert on the far western region of Xinjiang, the Uighur homeland. “It really shows that from the onset, the Chinese government had a plan.”

The treatment is brutal and meant to take away their dignity and their belief systems. They rape, torture, keep people sitting rigidly and silently on wooden stools for hours, and so on.


This is the China of Michael Bloomberg, Nike, and LeBron James.

Bloomberg Stands Up for Red China


Nike cut ties with the Houston Rockets over a tweet that Maoist Red China didn’t like.

Mind you, Red China is demanding we follow their Maoist values of speech in our own country. They are telling us we are not allowed to speak on behalf of Hong Kong and Americans are falling for it, especially when money is involved as in the cases of the NBA and Apple.

The NBA is wildly popular in China, and the league’s business with that country is estimated to be more than $4 billion annually, CNN reported.

China is also Nike’s top source of revenue growth, according to Reuters.

Nike is an evil company. They stand up for disrespect of American values and now they are standing up for Maoist Red China.

LeBron James stood up for Maoist values and got shot down. He pretended he was in it for his values, but it was really about the money.

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