Blueprint for the Future of the West Features the New Europeans


Only a xenophobe, nativist, racist would complain about mass migration, or, at least, that is what Democrats would have us believe, but is that the case? Maybe people should look at this more carefully. This should not be a partisan issue.

If you want to visit France or Germany, maybe you had better plan it sooner rather than later.

Why would anyone reject mass migration? It’s doing so well in France.

An article detailing one incident in Germany shows it’s going well there:

“Hundred-strong mob surrounds and ‘threatens’ police as officers arrest Somalian man,” by Katie Mansfield and Monika Pallenberg, Express, February 16, 2017:

Hamburg Police said officers were surrounded and reportedly threatened by a crowd of 80 to 100 African men.

Chaos broke out as police arrested an 18-year-old Somalian in St Georg on Wednesday.

The teenager was accused of threatening two workers at a sports betting shop in the German city.

Police said the teenager was banned from the shop when he threatened to cut the employees’ necks. […]

“Within a very short time 80 – 100 black Africans arrived before the sports betting business.

“Out of this group statements were made against the police officers such as ‘skin off’, ‘p*** off’ and ‘this is not America’.”

Not everyone tolerates the insanity.

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