Blumenthal Has a Bill to Make It a Crime to Threaten the Media


Hard-left Senator Dick Blumenthal, a fake Vietnam War hero, wants to give more power to ‘journalists’ by re-introducing a proposed law that makes it a Federal crime to threaten or attack a journalist.

That already is a crime, of course.

The bill is called the Journalism Protection Act. It would make it a federal crime to “intentionally cause bodily injury to a journalist affecting interstate or foreign commerce in the course of reporting, or in a manner designed to intimidate him or her from newsgathering for a media organization.”

That’s fine but that’s not what it’s about. It’s about setting up a partisan attack and banning insults against the press.


On Bob Menendez’s original press release last year, he quoted Blumenthal pretending he wants a “free, unfettered press.”

“At this extraordinary moment in our history, the press’s role in our democracy is more critical than ever – uncovering and reporting information, exposing wrongdoing, and holding public officials accountable,” Sen. Blumenthal said.

Blumental continued: “Reporters face a near-daily barrage of verbal attacks from this administration, which has the very real consequence of casting the media as enemies of the American people, and possible targets of violence.  This legislation makes clear than engaging in any kind of violence against members of the media will simply not be tolerated.”

The bill and that statement are very partisan as is the press.

Many ‘journalists’ at the NY Times, CNN, WaPo, and other outlets have become activists for one side and lie, omit, cheat to send one left-wing message.


We hear CNN’s Jeff Zucker now wants to push for Elizabeth Warren, a socialist, for President. So that’s where they are coming from at this point in time. His only mission is to impeach the President and he doesn’t care about the truth. How is that a media outlet? How are these people, legitimate journalists?

The bill includes punishment of up to six years for any attack that leads to “serious bodily injury” of a news gatherer.

The left loves to give all power to the central government.


To enrage people and pretend the President’s followers are endangering ‘journalists,’ the lawmaker mentioned the parody video of the church massacre scene from the 2014 film “Kingsman,” with President Trump’s head superimposed on the body of the star of that film, who goes on a rampage in “The Church of Fake News,” killing parishioners who are depicted as media outlets and political opponents, according to the Washington Examiner.

No one even watched the thing or knew it was playing. It was just dumb and ridiculous. They don’t care about the play in New York City where Trump became Caesar and was stabbed however many times. They also love the Netflix movie that was canned and the new one coming out that has leftists murdering right-wing people.

The bill would ‘protect’ a wide range of media professions, including journalists, book authors, photographers and “any other media that involves communication with the public.”

They want to make the President look like an authoritarian which he is not. They are.

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