Bob Beckel blames Trump for being fired in 2017


Bob Beckel is blaming President Trump for his firing. Why not? Everyone blames Donald Trump for anything and everything. He might as well jump on the bandwagon. The rumors are that Shep left Fox because doing the news at Fox in the age of Trump is just too hard. Beckel used that to spread a lie about why he was fired.

The often inebriated Beckel lost the job because of his own bad behavior but decided to use Shep’s departure as an excuse for his own inglorious end at Fox News.

Beckel’s deceitful tweet blaming President Trump caught the eye of Greg Gutfeld who made it clear that FNC gave him many chances.


In truth, Beckel was fired over his inebriated rants on live TV and comments he made to people at the network. Beckel was the co-host of The Five until May 2017 when he was fired over a racist remark.

“Bob Beckel was terminated today for making an insensitive remark to an African-American employee,” the network said in a statement at the time.

Fox News’ human-resources department was made aware of a complaint about what one person familiar with the situation characterized as a “racially insensitive remark.”  Executives conducted an internal investigation, this person said and decided to part ways with Beckel by the end of the week.

One report said he made a remark about a black guy working on his computer.

He was also fired in 2015 while recovering from back surgery and sometimes showing up on air sounding incoherent. It was said that he was on pain killers but he also has a history of substance abuse.

Bill Shine had fired him but Rupert Murdoch welcomed him back with open arms this year.

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